Orchard/mix hay Bedford County, TN

i got a call from the guy whose hay I’ve been buying the last four years; small squares ~45#. I missed his first cut this year so I bought somewhere else – he is just now getting his second cut.

He has an excess and is looking for buyers. I don’t think he means someone who only wants a couple bales. When we buy, it’s always the race car trailer hooked to the dually and we get ~130 bales:)

He said I could give his name and number out but I don’t think he would want it on an Internet forum, lol

I have not seen his 2019 hay but I can say, in years past, his hay has always been weed-free, quality horse hay, and it has always tested somewhere in the 8% range for NSC value; I have an IR horse so that NSC value is important :slight_smile:

He is on the easterly side of Bedford County, TN, which is about an hour SE of Nashville, TN.

I have no idea of the price per small squares:)

I also do not know if he has other types of forage for sale/)

If seriously interested please PM me and I will give you his name and number:)