Ortiz- Aggressive/Unsafe Riding

I am a little late to this. I have been so caught up in the holidays and some family things that I am just catching up on the latest happenings in most cases.

I was able to catch up on the recent Ortiz debacle. Currently suspended in NY for his recent riding incidents. Went back to ride in PR for a few weeks. I am just now catching up on the video footage . We have all known his riding tactics were borderline aggressive for awhile but I was a bit shocked watching the replays.

2021 Remsen Stakes. Stewards just recently let the placings stand and dismissed all inquiries. But watching the head on of the race; I am surprised. (I will add that Zandon is a really nice horse!)
Note: head on video starts at 2:34 in this link and the slow-mo close up from head on starts at 4:47 (worth watching))

Side view and in photographs you can see him waving/fanning the left rein and hand right in the eye of Zandon. Front view you can see it as well, but you can also see how far off the left side of the horse Ortiz is leaning into the other jockey and pushing his horse into Zandon. As soon as they cross the wire, Mo is immediately steered back off of Zandon. Also looks like John V was anticipating it, switched to left handed whip and put the balance leaning back to the right to keep from going into the rail. Ortiz is clearly hitting Johnny V with his right arm. Hard to watch that; especially a day after he almost killed someone.

Here was the spill the day prior. Ragtime Blues was OK and caught by outriders. Omar Mareno was not injured. Notice Irad look back at Ragtime Blues WHILE he is running him into the rail and cutting him off. This was the incident that got him the 30 day suspension. Should be at least 60.
Aqueduct Racetrack Spill: Dec. 3, 2021, Eighth Race - YouTube

“Irad is going what the stewards let him get away with” I am glad they set him down for thirty days over another incident; but he is getting away with a lot because of his name and he’s going to end up killing someone or a horse.


This was discussed on the Medina Spirit thread when it happened on Dec 10th.
There is also an interesting court ruling in the 2018 Justify/Santa Anita Derby matter on that thread.

Irad Ortiz fractured his knee one day after returning from his suspension.

Bummer…the starting gate can be merciless. Ouch. Wish him a quick, uncomplicated recovery.

Yes, that’s got to hurt. :grimacing: