Ah yep in my 40s I officially have osteoporosis in some lumbar vertabrae…and 2 OTTBs coming back from some injuries/long time off. Luckily I have had the same Dr for 25 years and he “gets it” so did not bother to say “you should not ride” (never mind 2 “high risk” horses) he chose his words unbelievably well and expressed his concern at my risk and the consequences quite eloquently. Just sucks that after bringing these horses through so many physical issues now I have one to be concerned about…so any one else ride with osteoporosis? had a Prolia shot? want to name a good safety vest?

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I am a lot older than you-71-and have had osteoporosis since my 60’s. I am sure it it is genetic. I have always been an active athlete (running and lifting as well as riding), but my mom had it.

I take Fosamax, and have to hope that is slowing the bone loss, although I have not had significant improvement.

Tried Prolia for 6 months–Watch out!–2 weeks after the shot I had horrible episodes of vertigo every time I changed position from horizontal to vertical! It seems to be a side effect. Every time I got up in the morning and went to bed at night I felt like I was on a fast merry-go-round for a minute or so. Lasted 5 and 1/2 months, and I refused the next Prolia shot. (You get them every six months.)

My horse is an Irish sport horse that is pretty much as bomb-proof as they come. (Of course, none are in reality, things happen.) . Your 2 OTTBs are a whole different ball of wax.

My doctor is not a rider, but he is an athlete and knows me well. Like yours, “Stop riding” was never said. He did say try not to fall off (something I do work on, LOL.)

Thanks!!! Appreciate the vertigo warning as it was not one of the side affects I saw however under then males’ side affects “the common cold” was listed I kid you not!!! So I am not sure how seriously to take the listed side affects. BUT HEYYYYY let’s give people with a high fracture risk VERITIGO YAAAA YAAA That would be SUPER!!! My doc’s closing words were “you’ve been with ma a lot of years, I want to keep you active…don’t go looking for trouble…” I am also going to look into what more “Eastern” type treatments may be appropriate acupuncture, herbs, etc.

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Hey get another option. Almost all women with early menopause and post menopausal have osteopenia.
drug companies are criminal , do Medline search or Cochrane report on these drugs.
And you have to take them ALL your life or when you stop bone loss is acelerated ! the incident of hip fractures is higher in women taking these drugs plus other nasty dangerous side -effects.
Watch out folks the doc are being trained by the drug companies and your lives are at risk.
Just lift weights (not heavy) and build your bone. My Mom was diagnosed at 45 , 92 now and had her first back problem. i know a N of 1 but women we must protect ourselves from the assault on hour lives being done by the drug companies.
Take nothing unless you have to and be sure its worth it. even for necessary drugs like BP medicine the beneficial effects are very tiny which means they help a very small number of people even though your numbers may look good.
Cochrane is probably the only reliable source of information though The People’s Pharmacy is to be trusted just not research oriented .


And so tired of doctors telling us to stop riding. The most dangerous thing you do is get in your car everyday and they don’t tell you to stop driving. even a air bag will crack your chest in a accident so damn enjoy your life and be careful in the car 30K deaths a year. Riding is a walk in the park compared to driving to the barn…


If you’re still drinking milk or eating yogurt under the impression it’s helping you and not actually leaching calcium from your bones, stop and start eating or juicing Collard Greens, Kale, Broccoli, etc. All those plant based sources of calcium will help you retain bone mass along with the light to moderate weight lifting others have mentioned.

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Dr’s are still probably going to tell their patients to stop riding. Reduces their liability if they tell you not to and you end up getting injured while riding. :slight_smile:

Another NO for Prolia.
I had 1 injection (my HRT med compromises bones) & was in such pain for most of the 6mos I made a deal with my oncologist:
I had a dexascan (bone density test) & results showed no change from the last one, done over a year earlier.
So no more Prolia & aside from age-related knee pain I am back to my normal self.

I do have osteopenia, have for probably 10yrs or more, but still able to ride & do most ADLs w/o pain.


Thank you ladies!!! I am already beyond osteopenia into osteoporosis so definitely need to treat aggressively. Luckily there is a snaffuuu with the health insurance company which delayed processing my script for the Prolia, definitely looking at other options. I have to give my DR credit again for being understanding and respectful of my “lifestyle” for all these years and still managing to make his concerns evident the other day.

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OK, 68 here, have osteoporosis and have had it awhile. I cannot take fosomox or any “swallow” type drugs for it because of esophagus issues and when the doctor gave me a script for prolia my insurance would not cover it and even after they approved it my co-pay was 600.00 a dose! Any way, long story short, my Vit d3 has always been low so I have been on 5000 mg of vet d3 daily for a couple years with tests even 6 months and my d-level had stayed in low 60s on that level which is terrific and my last bone scan showed improvement in bone density because of the d3!!
So the only advise I have is test your d3, take some and stay active per my Doctor, he said ride and don’t fall off, lol. My horse is forward thinking,looks, but not particularly spooky. when it is cool and cold I do where a vest just in case for the osteoporosis, so do a few others I know.
Hope this helps.



I take D3 too - 5000U daily.
I found a gummi version at Meijer (house brand) - that makes it a lot easier getting all those IUs down!

I take Thorne 5000u daily, its one capsule , really good quality seems to be key My one capsule is pretty small thank heavens.