OT: western wear pattern question

What is the pattern of this scarf called?

This link is similar but slightly different.

As seen on a scarf and on a vest on characters in the show Pig Royalty :laughing:. Show is based in South Texas and seems to be part of the Southwest-western fashion. Anyone know?

Looks like serape:
Etsy scarf example

Scarves worn by cow folk are usually called “wild rags” as shown in the above post. They are BIG, worn in various wrapping styles and knots , around your neck. Older cowboys tended to wear more plain colored ones, but there are many very colorful scarves available now. Originally silky fabrics that would filter dust when pulled up over your nose, or water at times, keep the dirt from going down the front of your shirt. Makes a sling, splint or wound wrap if needed, similar to hunting stocks old tIme uses.

Useful and stylish, when made of proper fabrics and larger sizing.


It very much resembles the serape pattern linked from etsy, however if you look closely down toward the bottom right corner of the tied scarf there’s a sort of floral and berry pattern mixed in, too. I’d just Google wild rag scarves and start browsing. There are gobs of them available online from many different vendors. Ask me how I know. :laughing: (APHA performance halter class attire).

Yes, serape is the closest I’ve gotten, which seems to be almost a genre and traditionally red based.

I’m not looking for a wild rag specifically. That photo, while only a glimpse, was the best image I could find of the pattern.

Thanks, guys! I’ll try serape + orange and see what I can find.

You could also try Navajo Rug pattern. That may bring up something similar in style

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Hey rosey, I am actually looking for a light blanket/throw for my coral-burnt orange outdoor couch on the front porch. So Navajo rug pattern is a great idea! Thank you!!