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Other forms of sucralfate?

Are there any forms of sucralfate that come in a pelleted or crumble form? My horse is very difficult to syringe medicine into and same with hiding powder/pills etc with molasses/applesauce etc.

I know Kentucky Equine makes Sucralox which is pelleted sucralfate but just got off the phone with them and I can’t get it to the US unfortunately.

My horse eats these granules in a handful of grain no problem.


I put sucralfate tablets in a coffee grinder and mixed the powder with some ricebran that was snarfed up easily. It doesn’t taste of anything.


Oh huh I just assumed it would be similar to robaxin which is really bitter!

Sucralfate seems to be very palatable to most horses. My horse will actually lick the powder out of the bottom of his feed tub and will eat the powder alone out of your hand.

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Uckele GUT comes pelleted or Try something like Smart GI Ultra …comes in pellets and is picky eater approved …could also try Purina Outlast pellets or Equine Elixirs Ulceracer-it’s whole food like seeds,forage etc

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I actually am using SmartGI Ultra right now! It’s just for a bit of maintenance, I don’t think it’ll actually get rid of the hindgut ulcers present right now

I get it compounded in powder form from Wedgewood and my VERY picky eater cleans it up in her grain no problem.

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Hijack: for those who sprinkle the powder over feed, are you doing this 30 min before meals or at set time intervals or what?

I have a mare on the compounded powder and while she is good for getting dosed, I feel like I lose a significant percentage between what is stuck in the syringe and what she dribbles out.

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Abler makes granules that look like little pop rocks.

I just put it in his AM and PM feed. I know that’s not the gold standard method of feeding but it works for us

My vet (actually more than one vet) has told me that if you feed it with a small amount of grain, it’s fine. I board, so this is difficult, so I have fed the tablets on top of his full grain serving and it has still been effective.

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my vet also said it was fine to give with feed (even though that’s not the gold standard).

Thanks everyone! Follow up hijack question: do you see results with it added to their regular feed (not 30 min before)?

Long story short, Sucralfate is one of the many meds my horse is on right now and I feel like air traffic control trying to time her meds appropriately. My vet wants Sucralfate fed 30 minutes before hard feed meals. It would be wonderful if results were “good enough” without that 30 min wait; if save myself an hour a day of waiting around and only be waiting for the interaction time to pass before giving her other meds.

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I buy the powdered sucralfate from wedgewood. I put it in pre-made baggies with a 1/4 cup of feed that the barn staff is able to just dump in my horse’s feed bucket. He likes the power so much he will lick the bucket clean. I could probably feed the powder without any feed at all!

The barn staff is able to feed it out 3x per day: 8:00am, 2:00pm and 8:00pm. But it isn’t before the hard feed meals. It’s the best we could do! :woman_shrugging: