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OTTB Bloodlines--Opinions?

Hello all! I recently purchased a gelding who was listed as an OTTB. However, he never actually ran, just trained and then was sold off. I have had two other OTTB’s, both of which had very common bloodlines, but I recognize very few in my new guys. I was wondering if any one would have some insight into these lines and what they tend to be suited for? Thanks in advance!


First, congrats on your newest addition :slight_smile: Pics and videos please!

I would do a search on this forum, many of the ancestors in your guy’s pedigree have been discussed at length.

Off of the pedigree alone, I would expect average to above average movement and a fairly big horse, and a hunterish type. I would expect a decent canter, Fairbanks tends to put nice uphill lopey canters on his kids, thanks to his dad GC who tends to produce very nice moving horses. I wouldn’t expect compact in any shape or form, as GC tends to throw big and long, Fairbanks does too and despite linebreeding to Damascus (who does contribute compactness) the dam-side is also full of fairly big-framed horses.

Expanding on movement, I have been overly impressed with the movement/type GC produces - brilliant canters and lofty trots - but underwhelmed by the movement that Forty Niner/Coronado’s Quest and DM contribute. DM usually packages up a horse with a nice canter but usually the trot is just average. Some of them better than others. Same goes for Damascus, who I think has great importance in sport but not in heavy doses, as I think he tends towards brilliant jumpers but so-so trots and walks.

From an athleticism standpoint, I wouldn’t say upper level but I’d see no reason why the horse wouldn’t be capable in whatever LL direction you choose to point him. From a sport prospective there isn’t a lot of representation of your guy’s bloodlines in FEI databases.

As far as personality, with what you have on the page I’d expect sensitive but not stupid. Coronado’s Quest and GM both seem to be that type, Damascus horses are definitely sensitive and I find Deputy Minister horses are sensitive but capable and very intelligent. Blushing Groom is far enough back but my personal experience with him is that he needs to be combined with a very strong, correct mare family as I have not had very many sound experiences with his get. However, they’re almost always gorgeous, they have great senses of humor and are almost always warmbloody in type when mature. There’s a fair mix of Bold Ruler, Nasrullah, and Neartic going on there which is pretty classic of a standard commercial pedigree.

Thank you for that answer, very informative! I got him out of a somewhat unfortunate situation, his previous owner could no longer afford him due to medical bills. When I picked him up he was quite underweight, and probably hadn’t seen a farrier in a few months. He also had been a pasture pet for nearly a year, so we have started back with the basics under saddle. So far, he has been a pleasure to work with, he is a quick learner and is extremely observant of his surroundings. Your statement about being large holds true, he is 17hh and quite lanky. I am quite excited to see how he fills out after proper diet and exercise. His trot so far has been lack luster, but again his feet are a work in progress, and he is also scheduled to see a chiro and the dentist for some minor issues. I also believe he will come into himself more as he figures out this whole “work” thing again. :slight_smile: I originally bought him in hopes of finding my next eventing partner, but he has slowly turned into a flip for a young hunter/jumper rider, as he is so quiet and willing. I will certainly post updates as he “grows up” and chooses his career!