OTTB outside in the cold

The green stuff? I used that forever ago on a horse with a nasty case of recurrent ulcers and DGE. It IS expensive! If you are just using it as a top dress and not for any medical reason I’d be tempted to swap to alfalfa pellets and a top dress of DAC in your shoes. That Well-Gel stuff is amazing but holy smokes is it expensive.

Really? I’ve seen so many horses. of all ages, go from BCS 3 to 5/6

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t work for all horses (nothing does), but I’ve seen it do amazing things for a lot.


I was about to reply to SMF11 about how my TB finally looked at a good weight after putting him on TCS. Then I realized he didn’t get FAT on it, he gained what he needed.

For the Americans in the crowd, Trimax is Ultium (I think, unless formulations have changed).

Other than that, I don’t have a ton to add. I’m a big fan of outdoor living and have done it with a few TBs myself, but feeding groups with mixed body types is a challenge for sure.

It could very well have changed since I’ve asked, but a few years back(I’m thinking like maybe 6 years)I contacted Purina about Trimax and the NSC was 28%. Not exactly low NSC, but they considered it “controlled” starch/sugar.
I don’t think it’s a bad feed, I use to feed it to my race horses and even some picky retired ones. I would be curious to what they consider low glycemic to be, as I see that’s what they advertise it as now.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I’ve added an extra pound of grain per feeding and just started with a couple soaked alfalfa cubes. I’ll increase the cubes over the next few weeks. I went with Trimax because it is relatively low NSC for a high fat, high fibre feed (compared to the others that I looked at).

My vet was not concerned about the TB’s weight. She said that the mare is probably at her racing weight but that a little extra going into winter would be ideal. I’m just not used to seeing no fat on the ribs.


I wonder if the Trimax formula has been tweaked? I asked Purina earlier this year and was told the NSC was 22% :thinking:

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Just here to add, when I had my OTTB gelding, Trimax was the only thing that put - and kept - the weight on him. He wasn’t in heavy work, either. That was about 10 or 12 years ago now though, so perhaps the formula has changed since then.

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This is encouraging, thanks! It does seem like the right balance for her needs so hopefully it helps. The alfalfa cubes are to make up for the fact that she can’t be on a bale all the time. I’ll give it a few months and if I’m not seeing an improvement I’ll have to move her to a farm where she can be on hay all the time.

Hi all, thought I’d give an update. It’s been a month since I added the alfalfa cubes to her feed and she is gaining weight well. I’ve also got her on ulcer medication for a month. I recently noticed that she is quite stiff in the back end so we are going to start her on previcox to see if that helps. So I think these adjustments to relieve discomfort, combined with having adjusted her trim cycle, will help her gain weight. The vet was out recently to float teeth and commented that the mare is now “healthy skinny rather than scary skinny”. So we have a few more months of weight gain to work on but I am no longer worried about how she will fare through the winter. Thoroughbreds are definitely a different game than quarterhorses!