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OTTB pedigree analysis

I just got this guy, I talked about him in my previous thread about training for 3 year old OTTB’s. I have already scoured his pedigree and done my own analysis of it, but I just wanted some other opinions from people who have dealt with horses of a similar lineage.


I can’t seem to find too many Rockport Harbor’s out there. I was very excited though to see who the mare was, since her foal from 2009 is currently up for adoption via After the Races (Turning for Home), Speight Me.


I’ve known a couple Rockport Harbor yearlings. They tend to be pretty good minded and attractive. One was quite large, the other about average size. Sons of UBS, including Rockport Harbor, are fairly consistent, producing good looking athletic horses; strong hind ends, good shoulders and length of leg. There may be some soundness concerns from Unbridled’s Song, but it’s dependent on the individual. The precocious, super-fast ones may run a bit too hard too early and can suffer injury as a result.

The Speightstown you listed is a flashy guy, but personally I’m not a fan of Speightstown for high level sport potential. Most of them are very heavily muscled, tending downhill QH sprinter build. As an event sire, I’d take Rockport Harbor over Speightstown for sure.

Good luck with your guy!

I agree with Eventer AJ. Rockport Harbor was a very big 2yo when I saw him, somewhat typical of his sire. He did’t had big foal crops but most of the ones I’ve seen were good looking and well built. RH died of complications from laminitis last year.

I’d agree too that Speightstown is less of a sport type sire on average as most of his offspring are very QH type, butt high and thick built.

Here’s Speightstown: http://www.bloodhorse.com/stallion-register/stallions/130764/speightstown

Here’s Rockport Harbor: http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/79826/stallion-rockport-harbor-euthanized