OTTB Pedigree? Looking to learn more...

I have recently become very interested in learning about TB lines as relative to the sporthorse. I’ve been scouring COTH every time I come across a particular horse that strikes my fancy to learn what I can about the pedigree on that horse and common traits/characteristics/etc.

Any pedigree buffs wanna weigh in on this horse? I’ve found a lot of info on Meadowlake (big horse, produces big hunter type movers, slow maturing, typically good brains) but I’ve found very little on the top side of this pedigree. Bloodhorse lists EZ’s Gentleman as 17.2hh (not sure how accurate it is) but I would anticipate with a horse like that up top and Meadowlake on the bottom, this filly would likely be big, but slow to mature, with a hopefully ammy friendly temperament (in fact her ad states she is very easy to work around).

I’d love to hear other’s thoughts on this pedigree!

She’s from the immediate family of Blackfoot Mystery. That would strike my fancy a whole lot if I were looking for a sport horse!!!

Yes, someone needs to snap her up soon because I absolutely can’t take on another horse right now but I really like her! :winkgrin:

She’s for sale?!?

Not trying to advertise… but one would be a fool to pass up a mare out of a half sister to an Olympian!

She is for sale (I can pm the link to anyone interested)! I asked Santa for her for Christmas but unless I win the lottery or sell a horse in the next 4 days I don’t think I’ll be seeing her under my tree :no:

Believe me, I get it.

But whoo-ee… some people around here get excited over speculative ability just because a mare has, like, two crosses to Buckpasser in the forth generation.

This girl is one generation removed from arguably the most successful OTTB in recent history. I don’t care what other names are on her paper; that alone is something to get excited about IMO.


If you really want someone to get this mare, I’d put a post on the Event forum with the title of

Check out this mare -dam is 1/2 sis to Olympian…

Just saying. I hate to see a good one passed by.

In my eyes, this is probably one of the most “valuable” OTTB sport horse pedigrees ever posted on these forums.

Yet there are more crickets chirping than responses. :lol:

She would be a helluva resale project, provided she isn’t crippled or hideously uncoordinated. And she has serious sport horse broodmare intrigue.

she has been on FB for a while. Not the right time for me. I sent her link to a few friends/trainers when she first went up.

Here is her FB ad:

Swedish Flower

3yo beauty with only FOUR career starts! She’s a big youngster standing 16’2hh and act way beyond her year. She is not spooky, has a wonderful brain, and is very willing to learn. Doesn’t not have a mare attitude what so ever! She has a gorgeous build and correct, straight legs! No vices! She can be a susperstar with the right training! Last raced 12-1 and is eligible for 2017 RRP!…


Located in Connorsville, IN
Shipping Available

direct image:

Maybe someone ought to send her info over to Boyd Martin.

I’ve love this mare! Really can’t believe no one has snapped her up!