OTTB Pedigree - thoughts?

What do you guys think of this TB’s pedigree for eventing?

I’m not sure how it is for sport, but it’s a good pedigree for racing. His trainer (Graham Motion) is awesome.

I think I have heard that Kitten’s Joy and Distorted Humor are good for sport but others will know more than me.

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Saddlers Wells and deputy minister are both sport horse stallions that have prodigy in eventing. I sadly don’t know any of the other lines in his pedigree

I’ve seen a couple by Kitten’s Joy that I really liked. Balanced, athletic and good jumpers. Can’t speak to temperament because I didn’t know them well enough personally, just saw them go.

Kitten’s Joys don’t tend to be very large horses. Yet they are developing a good reputation for sport. They ones I’ve known have been on the hotter, more sensitive side. I don’t think that’s a problem, just noting.

I just like Distorted Humor. I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of him in eventing, but he is always high on the durability statistics for racing.

Deputy Minister is the sire of the 2nd dam; Deputy Minister has to be among the most common sires in modern upper level eventing pedigrees.

One of my best friends has a Kitten’s Joy gelding that is a-mazing. Big, beautiful chestnut with a lovely jump and gallop. Cute flashy trot too - he usually scores very well in dressage. He is a bit neurotic on the ground (dancing in the cross ties, throws his head in a circular motion in the stall, has to be drugged for farrier), but super quiet and sensible under saddle. They’ve come to an agreement that she accepts and works around certain quirks of his on the ground and he takes care of her in the tack. I’d take a copy of him in a heartbeat!

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My mare’s damsire is Distorted Humor. She is definitely a spitting image of him… shorter, stockier build, short backed. She has a beautiful trot, a decent jump, and a slightly challenging temperment, but workable for a very competent ammy.
However, I feel like her build/scope is better suited to the lower levels… which is fine by me!

What everyone else has already said, and I’ll add that I love anything with Roberto in it’s pedigree!

What strikes me the most about the pedigree is that there are a lot of high quality horses close–which is always a nice place to start. That and both mom and pop are classic distance horses another thing I like to see for sport. Looks like horse has diffrent trainer now and last ran 5/2020.