OTTB Winter Air 2000 Gelding & Timeza Ticking 2002 Mare

Looking for 2 OTTB’s. Long story, so I won’t go into too many details. The breeder donated them to a rescue to disperse her herd. They both did “okay” on the track but were ridden a lot in the off season. Really well rounded horses, but were not trail horses at the time. We did a lot of riding and assessing to this rescue before we realized the dire financial situation the rescue and the owner of the rescue were in. I paid for lots of trims and fed her horses for free. I left her “organization” when she accused me of damaging hay and her property, which she couldn’t prove because I didn’t do it. I paid for it anyways because I didn’t want any bad blood, but that was the end of our relationship. She hoarded horses and my young, dumb mind was blinded because I got to ride whenever I wanted. :frowning:

I would love to know how these horses are doing and where they ended up. Happy to chat to former/current owners about our experiences with them. I have photos and know the breeder/race owner who is local to me still.

Horse Name: Timeza Ticking
Tattoo Number: F25228
Year of Birth: 2002
Dam Name: Sixteen Ticks
Color: Dark Bay or Brown
Sex: Mare

Horse Name: Winter Air
Tattoo Number: D39780
Year of Birth: 2000
Dam Name: Air Head Won
Color: Bay
Sex: Gelding