Ouch! Mike Smith left looking for a ride in the Zenyatta Stakes

Will the California entertainment never end??

Baffert has replaced Mike Smith with John Velazquez on As Time Goes By in the Zenyatta Stakes this weekend. Mike is left with no ride in the Zenyatta.

The BH article doesn’t have an explanation but it could be that in her last few races, she didn’t place that well (and I am assuming, but didn’t fact check, that Mike was the jock).


Saw that, and thought it was interesting. It was only a few years ago that JV was on the outs, due to his issues. This year, he is the golden child.

Big Money Mike! :cold_sweat:

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look at Drayden. Bob used him a lot as a young jock with pretty good success on his early big time horses. Only to replace Drayden when the horses graduated to the next biggest stage. Drayden ended up leaving California for elsewhere. If I recall this isn’t the first time Bob has done this with Mike.