Out of touch with the US Iberian horse market, clue me in

I’m rather out of touch with the PRE/PSL market in the states. Is it possible to buy a young, just started under saddle, medium sized (some are so tall now!), PRE or Lusitano for around $20-25k? Or are they going for more than that? Or is it just better to import from Spain, Portugal, or South America?

Who are some good sellers of Iberian youngsters in the US?

The horse doesn’t need to be a 10 mover or anything. Just healthy, nicely put together, with good character.

It’s possible, but difficult. The market is insanely hot right now.

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I second what SBrentnall said. I am looking at my own mortality and wondering if an Iberian brain might be a good choice since I am no spring chicken. I did see the perfect Golden Barbie Horse for sale for $25k but the ad went poof. Unless there is an issue with the horse or you have connections I am not seeing anything under $30k except for youngsters that haven’t been backed. I too want something smaller and they don’t seem to be priced any lower either. I have seen a few older style ones that look on the verge of foundering for less but they don’t seem to be good dressage candidates. I am open to proof that I am wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure where the prices are now but I got one just like this two years ago from Hampton Green in MI. They breed specifically for dressage and filly I got has a great brain. Had to give her winter off as she was like riding a beam on a pair of posts. Her chest filled out and five months later there were four legs under me.

Word of advice, would stick with PREs. Lusitanos were very popular for a while (think was 2019-2020 or so ) but then there were lots of fire sales as Lusitanos are much hotter than PREs in general.

I know someone who recently purchased an Iberian, not sure which type.

He also had problems finding a well-mannered basic riding horse for a non-astronomical price (by his budget). So he bought an un-backed good-minded youngster and has sent it to an excellent trainer who specializes in starting youngsters. The man’s regular trainer recommended this starter trainer. The total cost of the horse plus about 3 months in training will be very reasonable. Caveat that this colt-starter trainer is not the most expensive, he’s in a smaller horse market but is very experienced.

After that, going forward, he will be boarding in a full-care weekly-lesson trainer barn with a trainer he has been working with for a year or two. Adding her rides as well as the lessons, for a good-brained youngster, this seems to be a good way forward.

In case that is something you want to consider.

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I highly recommend Casa Lusitana. Top Lusos, but probably above your budget. My youngster, well started, was 50% above your budget 15 yrs ago, but worth every penny. I prefer the Luso temperament (calm, workmanlike) and have owned both. The more sensitive PRE an be less forgiving of rider error, but they’re all individuals.

PREs are less rare than Lusos, so usually a bit lower priced. Highly recommend Hampton Green if you prefer a Spanish horse. Good luck!


Yeah, i just sold one in that price range.
But the tricky thing is everyone gets their panties in a wad when they are started but still green… nobody likes that grey area.
But yeah they are out there.

I do have experience with Iberians, and prefer hot and sensitive. Love training that type. So that’s why I am also open to Lusitanos, although there are some PRE’s that are hotter and more sensitive than a Lusitano, just depends on the individual. My current one is incredibly sensitive and I love it. I bought him in Spain 5 years ago for less than 8000€ as a just backed youngster and we’ve come so far. Those prices are a thing of the past though!

The issue with my current horse is that he isn’t Piro free, so he cannot be imported into America. We are possibly moving from Europe to the USA and will very sadly have to leave my horse behind (beyond gutted). So in that case, I would be looking for a new Iberian partner. I generally buy young, green, and sight unseen, so am open to import. I’m just so out of touch with the market and sourcing because I haven’t shopped seriously in 5 years and didn’t anticipate having to.

I appreciate the input on this thread.


I looked at a lot of youngsters in the US before deciding to import my gelding. I didn’t see the same quality of horse over here among the US bred population.


Coves Darden, LLC, in South Carolina, breeds PRE’s. I know of 2 horses from their breeding program. Very different, but both very nice in their own way.
The folks at Casa Lusitano are super nice. I talked to them when I was looking.
But I ended up buying 2 horses from Spain as I couldn’t find anything here to suit what I wanted.
@CanteringCarrot I am so sorry you may have to sell your horse! The whole piro thing is annoying but I get why they don’t want it in this country.

Importing with quarantine is more than your budget for a horse. I don’t know of any started Iberians in that price range, but certainly unstarted yearlings.

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Valhalla Andalusians in BC have some for sale. I have heard they have some very nice horses.

sending pm. Guess not,lol. This breeder has several (yearling, 3 yr old, 6 yr old) for sale under “colts” on website. The 3 year old is just started under saddle. I do not know them personally but they started with Lusitanos from Brazil. Located in southern Cal, not fancy place. I have some recollection that they are downsizing, but that may be wrong. http://www.costaslusitanos.com/

I am fully aware of quarantine costs. I got a few quotes recently.

I should elaborate. I asked for around $20-25k but never said that was my total budget. I merely wanted to know if one could still get anything for that price. I’m actually fine with an unstarted youngster. I’m looking at a nice 3 year old in Spain now, and if I add import, gelding, vetting, it’ll be 30k or over, and that’s fine.

I haven’t quite seen what I want in the US, but also am not sure that I’m looking in all the right places.

I think I’ve gotten enough “feel” here now. I’ll sort my own way :wink:


You do know if you buy one you have to share pictures. I think it is a COTH requirement.


If you are lucky to have a contact in Spain, you “might” get a good deal. I have been watching the market for a bit as my boy is 21 - still going strong! - and have found that the horses from Spain are being marked up to match the interest here. Having said that, there are some great breeders here in the US. Look at the breeders who are getting recognition on their breeding stock and contact them. I think that there are some nice horses to be found for your budget, however, you will need to put in some effort to find them.

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I second Lusoluv’s recommendation for Casa Lusitana. Their prices are high, but their bloodlines and training are exemplary. I bought my boy from them in 2018, and he’s absolutely perfect. But I did have to take out a loan to buy him.


If you were looking for a young WB, I’d absolutely say look in the US. But I agree, quality and number are limited in the US for PRE/PSL. But I would check in with Jorge Gabriel as others have mentioned. He also imports.


Last fall I bought a young Lusitano gelding. Older than you’re looking for I think (he was just 7 then – will be 8 in September). Also above your price range – but I have to say that I LOVE the breed. I’ve had Friesians and Hanoverians before. This guy had bounced between a couple AAs who found him to be a bit too much for them (they weren’t working with a trainer full time). I work with a great trainer and so felt comfortable buying him and haven’t looked back. Trainer starts him and then I ride him … he has progressed really well. He was like riding a rubber band when we first had him … but now is going really well! He is a real worker bee – loves to work, is forward and sensitive but not hot, with a great brain. Easy to handle – very people oriented, smart, and wants to please. He was bred in Brazil. I’m late 60’s and wanted a smaller horse with a go button who can progress up the levels, is fun to ride, but also safe. So I encourage you to look carefully at the breed.


I fly to Spain next week to shop. I have been before, and have also purchased in the US. Happy to discuss/answer any questions. IMHO, it’s hard to find good quality for dressage regardless of where you look, especially if you are looking for something with correct training.

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