Ovation helmet styles and shapes

I am looking for a new helmet that I will both school and show in. My head is very round - GPA and One K fit me very well, while I can barely wedge my head into a Charles Owen. Right now I school in a Tipperary Sportage that fits OK but moves around a bit on my head because it’s just not quite the right shape, and it’s not close enough to make it snug by moving the padding around.

I was 99% sure I was going to buy a One K, but then I tried on an Ovation Sync that fit me very well and actually looked better as it is lower profile. The price was a fraction of the One K, which also makes it very attractive. However, I don’t like the racing stripes on it and want something that looks a tad nicer and less schooly.

Does anyone know which other Ovation styles are round like the Sync? I previously had a Deluxe Schooler that was more oval in shape, so I know the different Ovation styles vary. The tack shops around here don’t carry the nicer models.

I have both the Schooler and the Glitz and they fit the same. I haven’t tried any others.

From what I understand, the Deluxe Schooler, Sync, Competitor, Z series, Glitz and Soul all are similarly shaped.

Thanks! I tried on both the Deluxe Schooler and the Sync yesterday and they fit me differently - the Sync is nearly perfect, while the Schooler is wobbly. Maybe the shells are the same shape but the padding is different? I am eyeing the Z-series but no one around here carries it.

I also have a round head and Ovation fits me best. But I have found that this Harry’s Horse helmet fits just like the Sync, which is one that fits me well.


I have an oval head, and have the Ovation Protege (schooling) and and the Z6 Elite (show). The Protege fits my oval head perfectly, so I would avoid it if you have a round head. The Z6 fits OK, but it seems like it would be a better fit on a rounder head, so you might give it a try. They definitely do not fit the same across their range like some other brands do, but they are made well and most (all?) models come with a removable, washable liner.

Not sure why helmet manufacturers haven’t figured out that they should list shape as well as size. When you buy a top hat, derby or cowboy hat they list them as round or oval, but buying a helmet you have to try on a ton of them to figure out what works.:mad:

Thanks so much for your help! I think I am going to try ordering the Z-6 or the Z-8 (I can’t tell whether they differ other than style and/or fake/real carbon fiber accents) and see whether it works for me. I like the idea of saving $100 vs. buying the One K.

One more question - do they all have that cutout/ponytail port in the back? I’m not crazy about how that looks.

My Z6 does, my Protege does not. It does look a bit odd, now that you point it out, but I don’t think anyone will really notice. The Z10 has a gentle curve, which I think looks better than the notch on the Z6.

You could try contacting them, they were very helpful when I emailed them with a question about a girth.

Here is the Z6. Normally my hair is contained better, but even when it isn’t, there’s no way it would fit between the harness and the notch.

Sorry to dredge up this old post, but in case anyone is helmet shopping I received my Ovation Z-6 Elite and I love it. It’s extremely light weight, well-vented, and looks very sharp, and comes with a great zippered fitted helmet bag with a little leather grip around the handle (it is actually way nicer than the bag that comes with the One K). It’s conservative with just enough accents to not be too boring and the leather visor is very flattering. The ponytail port isn’t as weird as I thought, although I am not sure who could actually fit a ponytail through it, I certainly can’t. My head is very round and it fits me very well. It isn’t as cushy as the One K, but it looks better on me and I also only paid $72 for it vs. $200+. I will not be embarrassed to show in this at all. Thanks for your help!

My head fits perfectly in CO helmets and Tippery helmets and my Ovation fits perfectly as well.

So if you have issues with CO and Tippery, Ovation may not work for you.

Glad that you found one that works Mel! I have the Z-6 Elite as well, and I am equally thrilled with it. Oh, and I CAN fit my pony tail through the port, it was one of the main reasons why I bought it! (although my pony tail is smaller these days since donating my hair).

I also have the Protege which also fits me well - LOVE that helmet for trail riding and conditioning work in the summer. I can literally feel the wind in my hair when I wear it. And I like the full coverage down the back that model provides.

I have been really happy with the Ovation products I have purchased. The prices are beyond reasonable, and the quality is great for the price point.