Ovation Sellerie Saddles?

Hey, does anyone have an opinion on the Ovation Sellerie saddles? They look nice in the catalog, and the price is attractive when compared to many jumping saddles…

Are you talking about these? http://www.ovationriding.com/saddles/ovation-palermo-saddle-468689

I have that one - it’s my spare and for the hubby/friends/etc. I got it from Carousel Tack with a free gullet and I admit, it’s nice for the money. The balance is very similar to a Pessoa; the seat is a little hard (not like a French bucket, but not like a Stubben, either), and the leather isn’t meant for repetitive, constant use, like riding several a horses a day in it, but again, it’s not expensive, either. I got the forward flap, 18" seat to fit Mr. Eventer_MI, so it’s a tad large for me (I normally ride in a 17-17.5" with a forward flap). The gullet xchange system is SLIGHTLY easier to use than a Wintec/Bates, but not by much. Mine seems to have flatter rails, so I’d say that they best fit a flatter back without a huge wither. My boy has a custom Black Country Vinici monoflap that fits him perfectly, and this fits him about the same (he’s standard withers, flat back, MW tree). HTH!