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Ovation Soft Slide Nylon Lined Stirrup Leathers - any opinions?

I’ve been looking for a pair of leathers for a circa 2002 Crosby XL. I prefer to get calf wrapped, nylon-lined leathers that won’t mark the flaps. I’m also a stickler for color matching, so I was pleased to see the Ovation soft slide leathers in a nice golden brown color that appears to have no red undertones.

I’m usually able to get an idea of how something works by looking it up here on COTH or on the HGS forum, but my searches yielded nada. The number of places that sell them has increased over the last few months, so maybe they aren’t a well-known product yet. I found them for $63.99 at Victory Canter:


Has anyone used these? How do they compare to other brands? Do they actually adjust more easily?

My alternates are Beval flat buckle leathers in cognac (already have the black for dressage and am very pleased) and the Stubbens with the shaped ends. I thought I’d try these to see if the middle section really does what it claims. In theory, it sounds great, but I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck when it comes to magical claims from tack manufacturers! :winkgrin:

Thanks for any input!

To me, it seems like the raised center would just make it thicker and harder to slide through the stirrup bar/iron hole for stirrup leather and would create an awkward kind of lump under the leg.

I do have the Beval flat buckle leathers in cognac that you mentioned and I really like them. A little thick but not too bad or problem-causing.