Oversize vented open front boots

It appears that I am asking for a lot here since I can’t seem to find anything online!

Looking for oversize open front boots that provide air circulation and protection. Equivalent to size 4 in the fancy leather brands.

The closest I seem to be able to find is the trizone all sport boots, which aren’t a true open front boot. The equivalent open front boot made by equilibrium only goes up to Large which they call normal horse size.

I see plenty of boots that I like, just none that come big enough! Hoping someone has a good suggestion for me! Thanks in advance!

The large in the equilibrium is huge. I have the large for my normal 16.3 Hanoverian and they go over his knees and could almost wrap the Velcro around again. I had to take them back for the medium. The flat wraps they make are the same way and I exchanged them too.

Try Kentucky boots. I love mine. Not sure if they come in oversized but I do know that their large fits a friend of mines’ 18.1hh elephant in a horse costume.