PA/NJ Barn Recommendations

Hi there - long time lurker, first time poster.

I currently live in Philadelphia and board my horse outside the city, but I am not happy with his current situation so I want to relocate him once this COVID stuff dies down. I was hoping you guys could give me some references to specific barns as most of my local connections are tied to my current barn.

Here’s my “must have” list for one young, well mannered gelding:

  • Must be within ~1 hour of Philadelphia in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey
  • Must have indoor and outdoor arenas, ideally with jumps in each
  • Full care board (feeding, mucking, turn out, blanketing, assisting with vet/farrier/dentist visits)
  • Ample turn out 8-12 hours/day
  • Attentive, reliable staff

I come from an hunter/jumper background but wouldn’t mind being at an eventing or dressage facility as long as there are jumps. Onsite trainer and riding trails are a plus but not necessary. I could be happy at a more laid back stable or a very competition-focused barn.

I appreciate any recommendations (or warnings!) you guys have. Thank you!

You might want to check out Bit O Woods farm in Hainesport NJ.

Do you live in Philadelphia proper? I work in the city but actually live on the Main Line in Radnor Township and commute to work using SEPTA. This way, I take SEPTA home and then my commute to the barn out in the Downingtown/Elverson area is only 40 minutes compared to if I was driving the entire way from the city at rush hour. There are soooo many different facilities out this direction but it is admittedly hard to find one this direction that is closer than at least the Malvern area that is less than 1000 bucks a month. My barn is H/J and fairly show oriented but there are several boarders who do not show so its certainly not required. We have an indoor and an outdoor, with pretty consistent turnout (maybe not quite 8-12 hours during the winter months but we do overnight turnout for most horses in the summer) and all of the other services mentioned. If you want more information PM me but it may be a bit far if you truly live downtown. I would probably suggest looking in NJ if moving away from the city is not possible/what you want to do - avoiding any place you would need to take 76 to is probably going to be key to keep it less than an hour.


Thank you for the recommendation!

I do live in Philadelphia proper and own a house so won’t be relocating out of the city anytime soon. I actually currently board at a facility on the Main Line, which can be brutal with traffic when I want to ride during the week. I’m OK paying over $1000+/month for the right facility though.

I’m definitely open to moving over to NJ, but I’ll DM you regardless to get your places information - Downington isn’t that much further than where I currently board.

Also in Hainesport, Tustin Farm. About 30 min from Philly. They are a pretty exclusively a hunter barn. Everyone there is extremely nice! Huge outdoor with a full course of show quality jumps, and a few big turnout fields (and smaller individual paddocks). The indoor is very small, but at least it’s somewhere to ride if you don’t head south to Gulfport with the rest of the barn.

I am tagging @vxf111 as she will know of some good ones that might work and probably some to avoid.

I would be glad to discuss via email or DM. Some recommendations on COTH I wholeheartedly agree with and others I don’t (what else is new?) :wink:

I do agree that in terms of commute and bang for your buck, you are wise to head to NJ or to any suburb of Philly other than Chester County. There are great barns in CC but the commute is hell and they tend to be more expensive.

Thank you for the recomendations!

@vxf111 I tried to DM you but it says your inbox is full. I would love to go back and forth on any recommendations you have though, thank you!

Thank you for the recommendation!

Email me

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Not sure about the commute (it takes an hour to get from the farm to Philly In’t’ airport) but Legacy Farm in Telford PA has what you’re looking for.

You might check out the Bucks County Equestrian Facebook group.

IIRC I called about this place when I first moved to Philly because it ALWAYS gets positive recommendations. The trainer (Kris?) was lovely on the phone. It was well over an hour away, with realistic traffic. I remember this one being the farm I was most disappointed to learn was as far from center city as it was.

Kris is really great, but it is definitely far away from Philly, and unfortunately nowadays Kris is only there every 2 weeks or so for 4-5 days, as she lives in Florida part time. I absolutely love taking lessons with her and if she were in PA full time I would bring my horse there in a second.

Center Point Farm in the Blue Bell/Worcester area! Stunning new facilities and top notch care! They have a wait list though so won’t be an immediate solution.