Padded soft stalls or comfort stalls

I am looking for feedback on the Soft Stall and Comfort Stall products. We are wanting to install something in our 12 stall barn and I wonder about the longevity of these type stalls for the cost. Does anyone have any experience, over time, with either of these products? Specifically, the Haygain Comfort Stall is a foam pad, like a tempurpedic type and I hear they compress over time. The Soft Stall is a composite and is more compressed already. Then there’s the liner, how long do they last? Any feedback would be great as they are both expensive and I’d like to make the best choice possible for our horses,…and our wallet. Thanks

The usual pitch for those stall systems is that they allow you to use less bedding and thus save costs and labor over time. Before I had my own farm, I boarded at two places that had these padded stall floors. One used almost no bedding - which meant the stalls may have been soft under foot, but generally kind of nasty in terms of the manure/urine management. The other place bedded “normally” with a decent amount of shavings, so the stalls were fine, but I doubt they saved any money.

I personally didn’t see any real benefit … I do regular bedding in my stalls over regular mats and the horses do fine.

Thanks for that info Lucassb. I am probably less concerned about saving on a few bags of shavings but more concerned about longevity of the top covers. Wondering how long they actually last and if anyone has any experience with the durability. I wonder if there are differences between these companies on that note.
I have owned a facility for 17 years and am just tired of stall mats and urine in between them. Looking for something that makes sense and a one piece top cover makes sense, if it lasts … meaning a good ten years at least

Use (marine?) adhesive stuff between your rubber mats to make a continuous floor covering.