Paddock Gates

I am putting up new paddock fences. I now need to buy some gates and would really prefer to get the mesh style as opposed to the type just with the horizontal bars.

Googling seems to only send me to Tractor Supply for something I could pick up locally, but the only mesh ones they have (County Line) get mixed reviews for use with horses - some say they are on the thin side.

Suggestions for good quality mesh gates that I can order online? I’ve seen a few different sites but without being able to see in person I’m reluctant to order without some kind of recommendation.

We have the countyline mesh ones - Holding up pretty decent and with the price difference between heavier duty ones we just figured we could replace more often.

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I’ve not had any issues with the ones from TSC.

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I have a county line mesh gate up on my horses stall. She’s had it for well over 2 years and it’s been completely fine. Granted it’s inside, but it’s held up super well.

I have a few dozen paddock gates from TSC both mesh types and ones without mesh. Been installed 8 yrs. and look like new. Would buy them again.

You could add the mesh fencing to a regular barred gate, to keep the dogs out. We have the 7-bar gates that decrease the bar spacing on the lower portion. Supposed to prevent getting a pawing hoof thru it. Years ago I had son wire fencing to the farm gates going from backyard to barnyard to keep the Weasly little Corgi dog contained in the backyard. It worked great keeping her in, but no horses ever got near those barnyard gates to paw them. She is long gone, but wired gates are still in place, look good.

The TSC mesh gates are quite lightweight, I would not use one for my horses. I did like the mesh, but they were not going to hold up to horses.

Cashman Supply in Ohio sells heavy 7-bar gates but they have square corners on top. I do not care for square corners up by horse faces. Our older gates with rounded corners, heavy duty, came from the “Kentucky gate guy” who was at the weekly livestock auctions in years past. No auction and no gate guy anymore. You can probably tell regular gates from heavy by shipping weights. I wish I could find some heavy, 7-bar gates, mine are getting pretty old.

Noble Panels makes great quality mesh gates but…shipping can be problematic, depending on where you are located. They are in Oregon. Some feed stores around the West Coast stock their products.

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The TS here sells Tarter gates. So does the local Rural King. Tarter has various levels. I recently bought a Tarter Bull Gate from Rural King because I have one guy he likes to sit on gates and I got tired of replacing them. I have been told that the mesh gates are not as strong as the 6 or 7 bar gates, and based on my experience I would believe that.

Seems like shipping would be cost prohibitive unless you’re buying a large, large volume.

Call around to your feed stores and ask if they have gates like you want.

I have the mesh TSC gates. I have a mare that likes to put her feet through things and she cannot get her feet through them. However they are not too sturdy and the wiring can break if a horse kicks them ( Thank-you Ms. Destructo). They also bend if you hit them with the tractor and mine have rusted a little but not bad. So they are OK but not great. One last thing - wasps love to built their nests in the hollow places in them where you cannot see them until they fly out and sting you.

We have the behlen country heavy duty mesh gates and they have been great so far, though we’ve only had them 8 months or so…

I had the County line ones from tractor supply. They did not hold up to horses leaning or scratching on them. One haflinger in particular was so into trying to scratch on the gate she bent it quite a bit. Why she insisted on scratching on the gate, I don’t know.

My heavier duty mesh gates are much sturdier (purchased through fence installers).

I run a hot tape out 2ft in front of my gates, which prevents horses touching them. Previous to the hot tape we had a young horse start leaning over a gate, which progressed to pawing, then standing on the lowest bar. Even the heaviest gate will get damaged or damage the horse, with 1400 pounds banging on it! The hot tape worked so well I put it up across our other main gate to keep horses back away. No chances now of gates getting rubbed or hooves caught in the gates.

Try searching for “wire filled gates” instead of mesh. That should bring up results from Tarter and Preifert (among others) and you can visit the individual manufacturer sites to find dealers in your area. (That was how I got mine.)

I have several Behlen mesh gates that are doing fine after 5/6 years, no rusting and the coating is holding up well, although they are on perimeter fence lines. Behlen also makes a heavy duty mesh version but mine are the regular grade.