Pain in arm when fixing stirrups

So, a while back I was lengthening my stirrups and after I had pushed the leather down and the buckle was back at the saddle, I lifted my arm away and had a really intense pain on the outside of my forearm. It has been happening ever since, whenever I change my stirrup length, and usually it goes away pretty quickly but the other day I changed them and the pain stuck around. Does this happen to anyone else? If so does anyone know what it is?

Based on your info, I’d guess it’s tendonitis or “tennis elbow”. Look that up and see if the symptoms are the same.


How old are you
Have you had any neck issues
Have you had any chest trauma?

17, no neck issues, no chest trauma. I’m assuming it’s just a muscle strain from pushing it too hard, my stirrups are pretty hard to move. I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced similar things.

You may have pulled or strained the soft tissue and keep straining it. I would reimagine how you adjust your length so as to not persistently strain the tissue. If the pain persists, please seek a medical consult