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Pain Training & Management... naming my business

I’m finally taking the next step and forming an llc and launching a website! Thoughts on Pain Training & Management? Our last name is Pain which always get attention for its “unique spelling for a name”.
But not sure if having “Pain” in a business name would be bad luck lol. Don’t want to scare off potential clients…

What are your thoughts? I would either like to incorporate the name Pain or 5A for my sons.

Sounds confusing, like you’re somehow training people to manage their pain.


I don’t know about bad luck, but using Pain has the potential to be confusing. I read your thread title as if you were training the horse to manage pain - like desensitization for injections or something.

I like 5A Training and Management better, personally.


I also thought this was a medical business, something about managing chronic pain maybe?

I’d use more generic name – if you build it up and decide to sell, there will be goodwill in the brand and it just seems easier not to have your own name associated with it forever.

Having a number at the beginning can also be difficult, where do you alphabetize? And if you flip it around, A5 is a paper size.

Naming is hard.


I also thought the name referred to pain management.


I am completely confused. What does this new business actually do? The inclusion of the family name and 5 As for the sons just adds to the mystery

So I am looking for a provider of the service or what ever you are providing … how do I understand the name and recognize that name to relate to the service or product I want?


Great points. Crazy how I didn’t put that together but once stated I can’t not view the name in that manner now. I don’t think I would ever sell. I teach and train under the owner at a local barn. Our attorney brought up that i’ve Reached the point that it would be much easier to operate under my own LLC. The dream would be to some day open my own boarding and training facility using the same company name.
Back to the drawing board.

Don’t put pain and training in the same name.

Yes, my first thought was pain management strategies. I checked to see if this was in the health issues subcategory!

My second thought is you don’t want people to think you train by using pain on horses! And if you call it Pain Free Training some wiseacre will wonder why you charge for it!

Some Western ranches have whimsical names but dressage and English riding general tends to be more serious.

What message do you want your business name to carry? What will people hear? Will it be too close to the names of other businesses in your area?

Do you want to specfiy your discipline in your business name?

Who are your intended market and how sophisticated are they? Will you scare off newbies if you sound too high level, or do you want the ambitious amateur who wants a name that will look good on a show scrim?

Some people specify their farm or location in their name but if they have to move, that gets confusing. Windy Williows Dressage is now working out of Beachview Stables, but Sue Smith Training is now the resident coach at Windy Willows Stables. Etc. Keep farm and training companies separate!

At least, around here no one can afford to buy so trainers shuffle around between barn leases.

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What about “AP Training and Management” or “A5P Training and Management”?

I think you want to put something horsey in the name. Otherwise this sounds like a tech training company or something. I’d be wondering, what is an AP and who gets trained in it?

Like every once in a while I’ll be stuck in traffic behind a truck that says something like " Clairasys, industry leaders in the field" and I’m left thinking: what field?


Great advice. I’ve seen the same with farm names and then seen the struggle of remarketing when their name wasn’t “movable”. I went to school with a gal who named her company after the city she lived in. Once she got married she moved two hours south to the “rivaling city”. She actually received feedback that maintaining/naming her company with this other city was a huge turn off and made her seem pretentious. I bit of an extreme example but was part of the reason just doing my name made the most sense.

I’m thinking of using my maiden name, O’Gorman Equines or O’Gorman Equestrian.

Again at the moment I teach lessons and train, (still teach hunter/jumpers but moving into a more dressage focused facuility.) The someday goal may be to have my own facility which I would want this company name to be suitable for as well. And any resell horses will fall under it as well. BUT selling horses will never be my primary work.

I think O’Gorman Equines would be better suited if selling or breeding were my focus so leaning towards O’Gorman Equestrian. Or O’Gorman Equestrians, the plural makes it better suited for a team though…

Can you tell I’m over thinking this lol


OP you can use the name “AP Training and Management” as overseeing umbrella company that would own sub companies such as the training or teaching divisions… you do not to be huge to utilize the flexibility allowed by using an umbrella approach.

You would end up with XYZ Training a subsidiary of AP Training and Management

“AP Equestrian” perhaps? “AP training and Management” sounds like something to do with accounts payable.

“O’Gorman something” sounds good, but how do you abbreviate that (if you ever wanted to)?

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O’Gorman Equestrian Training & Management LLC

webite could be purchased just as OGormanequestrian.com so not too wordy

I like O’ Gorman Equines! Good luck in your venture OP!

I think O’Gorman Equestrian Training & Management sounds great, OP. I too thought based on the title of the thread that this would be training people to resist/manage pain? or pain-based training and management (eek) - neither of which would make much sense/be attractive to clients!

Are you married? Have you been doing business using your married name? If so, wouldn’t you be losing your “brand” if you started using your maiden name?