Pana Cat - stolen in Virginia

Pana Cat is a 13 year old Florida bred chestnut OTTB mare who retired from racing in the Mid Atlantic area in 2005. She was taken in by The Gingersnap Girls Foundation in Hamilton, Virginia and then placed with a foster home in Sumerduck, and from there she went missing, as they pretended to still care for her, when they had actually given her away, against the terms of the adoption contract. The local authorities and Netposse have been notified. Now the rescue is asking for help if anyone has any information about the current whereabouts of “Cat”. Her tattoo number is F14266. She was a winner on the race track with 3 lines to Secretariat, a granddaughter of Storm Cat and great granddaughter of Fappiano. She is not ridable due to a previous injury, but is believed to still be in the VA/MD area. If you have any leads about where she might be or have seen her in the past, please contact the rescue at (703)727-7277. And thank you for keeping an eye out for her in your travels.

That horse was born in 2002. That would make her 18.

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According to records Pana Cat was born in 2002, not 2005. Can you provide any other details about her? Any markings or scars that might identify her?

When was she adopted? Most states limit these kinds of control of property that really isn’t your property agreements to like two years.

Doesn’t sound like the horse was “stolen”. More like a custody dispute.