Pantyhose sheath cover

Hi all I am in search of a photo for anyone that has done a pantyhose sheath cover for their gelding to protect against against flies. I need to see how folks have done it so that I can duplicate it for my guy. Thank you in advance

wut :flushed: lol


How would this even work?
Horse extends to.pee, withdraws and pantyhose gets drawn into the sheath too?
Why would this not become a source of irritation, not to mention a reservoir for urine.

Just slather SWAT on the sheath & midline & call that Good.


There is a thread about sheath shields and ointments here:

I hope you make sure to get your gelding’s permission before trying to apply anything, shield or ointment!

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There has got to be something topical you can put on? How many crazy inventions must our horses endure? My gelding would destroy something like that ( and probably injure himself in the process) in about 2 seconds.

And you know I wouldn’t blame him one bit .

Please tell me this statement was meant to be humorous.

We had one in the barn that used the cashel belly fly sheet

Pic from internet


Hi all, my vet has done this in the past for other geldings that have had similar issues. However she didn’t have a photo that she could show me so that I could duplicate it. My previous gelding developed squamous cell on his penis because of these blasted florida sores and I had a custom cover made for him that cost me 300.00. I was hoping not to do that again. So wanted to see if someone else had been successful with the pantyhose cover

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@elleng0728, I was not questioning your need for this or you doing this. I was questioning the poster who said to make sure you get permission from your horse first.

I remember following along with this blog. You might get some ideas from it or contact the blog author for more details.

Although, the Alpha Sheath Shield looks worthwhile for easy removal and cleaning.

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Thank you for the blog info. I did send a message to her

Grayarabs here.
Now grayarabians due to format change.
I used the Alpha Sheath Shield for my gelding and it worked very well.
I’ll look for a pic of him wearing it.
I didn’t turn him out with it - as I board and could only get to barn every other day. (Night).
I was also new to the barn - no barn buddy to ask to check and adjust if necessary.
The shield stayed in place just fine when horse was in stall.
Probably would have been ok for turn out but didn’t try that. Just to be safe if I wasn’t there.
I realized flies not active - bothering his summer sore - when the sun was not shining.
So nights at barn I would turn him out without the shield.
It was also off when I was there and working with him.
I bought two to clean and rotate.
One would have been enough.
When arriving at barn I would take it off- rinse/wash the urine on the basket. It dried quickly.
Really wasn’t icky bad at all.
My horse’s sores were so bad he had to have them surgically removed.
Once home from vet he wore the shield.
I seriously doubt he would have healed without it - at least not until winter and no flies.
For other sores I used Denise’s All Heal Salve - “Swell Gone”. (And her easy protocol).
That worked much much better than the usual vet salve and also non toxic
My horse got the worst of the sores than other horses.
He recently tested positive for Cushings via the TRH Stim test.
I suspect he had early Cushings starting a couple of years ago - meaning he couldn’t heal well.
Hope this info helps others.
(And I hate this new phone!!!)
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My poor horse in all his glory.
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