Summer Sores on sheath - Alpha Shields - Anyone tried?

I’m at wits end with summer sores.
We (including vets) have tried everything.
The flies are a problem at the barn.
The only total protection from flies seem to be the Alpha Shield.
It looks promising and could be “the thing” to heal these sores.

Here’s a link for those (like me) that haven’t heard of this

How do they pee? If they drop fully, does it…extend?

That’s what I’m wondering. How do they pee? The testimonials say they work great.
Of course I want Coth’s thoughts.
I am desperate.
Really don’t want my horse to live at the vet’s next weeks/months.

Sheath Shield saved me this summer when my mini has a summer sore in his sheath and every type,of covering I tried to make myself failed. It’s the coolest invention ever and yes, they pee fine through it. I did wash mine out twice a day and every few days would give it a good deep clean and let dry overnight. The sore immediately started to heal after day two of wearing it since finally no bugs were getting at it. I highly recommend.

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Last summer I walked into my feed store and mentioned summer sore and a woman said loudly “Underwood’s” and then
went on to extoll the virtues of this medicine I’d never heard of.

The feed store carried it so I bought a bottle. Used it a few times and what do you know? It worked. Sore dried up within a couple days. Of course this is after I wormed with Ivermectrim and spread Ivermectrin on the sore for weeks.

It’s an old family recipe that’s available online, just google Underwood’s Medicine. Here in Fl. everyone in the rural areas
use this stuff, so I was told.

Yes, Underwood!! A couple summers ago my horse had two summer sores on his fetlocks that just wouldn’t heal! They lasted months of treating with various things, wrapping them, having him lay down and re-open them, battling flies etc. Finally I tried Underwood and within a few days, totally healed! I’m not sure on the logistics of applying it on the sheath versus the fetlocks but it was the only thing that would heal those never-ending summer sores.

Thanks so much. I also read about using pantyhose.

My horse is boarded and I can only make it to the barn every other day.

I’m also new at the barn.

It’s a little difficult to walk up and say - Hi - I’m Grayarabs.
Could you change my horse’s shield and/or apply meds inside/outside of his sheath. ??

He is BTW very good about being handled this regard.
The sores must be very itchy because he seems to enjoy having the meds applied.

Thank doG his p-word has so far not been effected. “Just his sheath”.

The worst two are the exposed ones at sheath entrance.

Would the Underwood last for two days?
Burn the p-word if it came into contact with the UW for urination?

Thanks again.

gray- don’t know about the Underwood’s lasting 2 days but something would be better than nothing, you know what I mean?

Wonder, depending on the location of the sores, if you could soak a wad of cotton or gauze and tape it in place? If it would stick, this should work. Maybe use Gorilla Tape. that stuff is great. then use vaseline to soften and remove tape.

Another thought, drug stores have square patch bandages w/ sticky adhesive on all 4 sides. Put soaked cotton inside bandage.