Is there anyone out there who is dealing with declining strength and trying to keep riding? I began losing my balance a about two years ago and since then have acquired lots of symptoms, including mild cognitive impairment. Things are only going to get worse. Now winter is looming. Even when I was well I always cut my riding way back in the winter. If I take the winter off, will I be able to ride in the spring? No one can tell. A bit of encouragement would be so welcome.

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I’m so sorry to hear you are going through this. I know nothing about Parkinson’s except what I’ve read in the last month when my best friend was diagnosed.

I understand that the course of the disease varies widely by individual (kind of like lupus, which I have). Does your neurologist have any words of wisdom for you? Have you found any medications that are helping you?

I know there are quite a few Parkinson groups depending on what area you live in. Maybe if you contact some of them, they would be able to get any members who are riders in contact with you to share their experiences.

I’m sorry I have no words of wisdom to give you. Please know I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you navigate this difficult road. Please come and vent whenever you need to.
:kissing_heart: :pray:

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Thank you for the kind words! Good idea, finding others in Parkinsonism group. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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There’s been some interesting research that shows participating in endurance sports may help slow the progression of the disease. Even if you scale back riding over the winter, as long as you keep working out and focus on maintaining your strength and endurance you can hopefully be able to transition back into riding in the spring. What activities do you have access to and enjoy doing other than riding?