Parmak Horse Surround fence charger?

Has anyone here used the Parmak Horse Surround fence charger?

I have read great reviews of the Parmak line, but most of their chargers are overkill for our tiny acreage and beyond my budget. The Horse Surround is 2.1 Joules and I trust it is of the same quality as the other Parmak models, but it’s rated for 5 miles and the product description says that it is ideal for sensitive horses and short-haired animals. ?? Does that suggest that it has less zap? That my minis and ponies will just laugh and push their way through? (They’re not ordinarily fence challengers, but they are ponies…)

Then there is the Parmak Mark 8. Any experience with this one? Or any other 1+ Joule chargers (non-solar) $100-150 chargers?

I have a HorseSurround and it works for cattle, so I’d say plenty of zap. I will add that it is installed in an area where the ground has plenty of moisture, so that may help. And I have nowhere near 5 miles of wire.

Good luck.

Had to Google it.
I have parmak, 30 & 50 models. 30 has a bite, but 50 will make you curse & regret touching it.
The stronger, the better. If you can afford something with more bite, do so.
But don’t forget multiple 6ft grounding rods.

They all can have 8k volts, that means nothing. It needs joules to actually bite them.