Paso Finos

Just used USEF streaming to get a look at PFHA Grand National Championships.

Amazing that some horses can do those rapid teeny tiny steps. Watched them showing across a board to hear the footfalls. Doesnt look bouncy but like you might get a lot of vibration!

Really dont like the tail setting.

The tail is super weird, but I would love to ride one of these some day. I’ve had the pleasure of riding a variety of gaited horses and will someday own one, but have never been graced with sitting on one of these. From what I understand the show lines can be hot hot hot!

They are very fun to ride and I enjoyed the sounding board too. I always wanted to ride a nice Paso, so I took a lesson at a PF barn that shows on a show trained gelding. Very worthwhile to feel to gaits and I think even among the different disciplines, there’s always good takeaways.

The gait wasn’t bouncy, but still too much movement for me to be comfortable. Hard to explain. But cheerful, happy horses in that barn. I’d ride another or take another lesson sometime just because! :slight_smile:

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I love gaited horses, but riding them really chaps my a$$! I wish it didn’t.