Pasture Board near NYC

Hi There,

Can anyone point me to any boarding facilities near or nearish to NYC that offer pasture board? Or maybe even all day turnout? I’m looking for something with at least an outdoor ring, but pretty flexible on other amenities.

Thank you!

Can you narrow down what you’d ideally be looking for? Do you want a stall at night, or 24/7 with a run-in shed? Is turnout in a herd OK, or would you be more comfortable with a smaller group? Do you want a lot of other people to ride with, or would space with primarily retired horses suit you?

If you stay away from places with an indoor arena, the prices are more reasonable. The farther away from NYC you can range, the more the price drops.
What’s your absolute limit for commuting time?

Well, at the moment I’m pretty open. But, the ideal situation would be, a stall at night at a facility that provides all day turnout with a limited number of horse. But I would also be open to 24/7 with a run-in shed. I am ok with a facility that does not have an indoor. I was hoping to find something that was within 30-40 minutes. I have found several in the 60 minute range, but two hours in the car roundtrip horse seems a bit excessive. Everything closer in seems to limit turnout.

. Everything closer in seems to limit turnout.[/QUOTE]

Well of course it does, the land costs are astronomical 30 - 40 min. away from NYC! (Not to mention there really isn’t any open land). I am 2 hours from NYC (and full) and even near me there aren’t tons of places offering pasture board.

Where is your horse kept at the moment? (meaning, what type of barn)?

No. You will not find that 30 minutes from Manhattan.

Places where you can get that: North Salem, NY, Boonton, NJ, Branchburg, NJ. There will be more options in central NJ and in Suffolk County on Long Island.

For a major city on the east coast, I do not think you will find good turnout within one hour of whatever the major city is. :slight_smile:

A barn might say, “Only 30 minutes from the city!” but they mean at 5am on a Sunday, in nice weather.

I would take a drive up to Beval Saddlery on Rt. 121 (Peach Lake Road) in North Salem, read the bulletin board, and pick the brains of the girls who work there about what barns locally (some of which may be private) are offering what. The commute would be reasonable from the City to the Bedford/South Salem/North Salem area which is VERY horsy–also very pricey. But they DO have enough land up there so that turnout is a reasonable expectation.

Like SMF above, I’m out of your commuting range and also full.

Good Luck!

Thanks everyone! That confirms what I was finding in my searches. I’m going to be buying a horse in the near future, so I’m trying to do as much research as possible. In the past when I’ve owned, my horses have had access to 24/7 turnout (I lived upstate at the time), so it just seems so limiting to have just a few hours or not even daily turnout.

Great suggestion about Beval Saddlery…I can always ind an excuse to go to a tack shop!