Pat Burton Farrier

I have been trying to get in touch with Pat Burton a farrier and stock horse judge in Texas but not gotten any response. I have emailed, called (mail box full) and texted.

Does anyone know this person? He had emailed me months ago about judging an event.

do not know him but his business office in south of Fort Worth, here is web link that has his phone number… call him as he could be out of the country

Thanks, I had called all numbers I had for him and mailboxes are full. I texted too. I emailed his business so, hopefully, he will respond by Monday.

if he fails to respond, just post again then I will pm you our farriers contact info as surely our farrier knows this person

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Thank you.

I emailed again to both emails, left a message on the phone and sent a FB message. No response so far. Tomorrow I will send messages to all emails and phone numbers saying never mind. I would rather not hire a judge that behaves this way.