Forgot until today that there’s good things for you guys to watch from Pau starting tomorrow; FEI World championships singles.

I watched some tests this morning! (Note to self, that 10 and 20 m deviation looked as hard as I imagined it would be)

Too bad our team didn’t go, I would make like to see them compete, but I get why it just didn’t make sense this year.

Yes!! Our friend and fellow Canadian is sitting in 1st so far after dressage this am. Go Canada! She lives in Europe so did not have to fly over.

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I watched some of the Re-Live Dressage vids.:smiley:
Was hoping to see Cones and Marathon, but nothing on that site today.



@Equibrit Thanks!

Cones in Sunday!



Thank you Equibrit! I really appreciate the chance to see Singles.

Help a Newb out :o

What(Why) are the blue cones?

5cm skinnier than standard width.

@DiamondJubilee Canada did good, congrats!

Thanks @DMK
So, a Heads Up to the driver?

More like a “get in your head” moment for the driver. Skinnies become harder when you THINK they are harder!

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Silver for Flip and Kelly!! Amazing and what a team <3

Oh yes, the dreaded blue cones. And now the oxers and choices on where to go! We’ve seen a few different options on doing some different courses which can sure make it interesting!

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The latest get in your head moment is a weave to a hard turn to a wide oxer. Since it claimed a few victims at the final Katydid, it’s been on every course out there.

I also had a pair of double skinny oxers, set in a tight offset line. Both were maximum spread, of course.

But honestly, the most victims I’ve seen at a skinny was when it was the last cone on course, the only thing between you and a straight line to the timers. I was volunteering on Friday since I didn’t drive until Saturday. Turns out cones are exactly like jumpers. If you second guessed yourself approaching that last obstacle and pulled on the reins, 3 penalty points for you! The ones who powered through it like it wasn’t there were clean

Fortune favours the brave ?

I was thinking that long, gasping weak approaches don’t work in ANY discipline! :lol::lol: