Pedigree Curiosity

I was just poking around my horse’s bloodlines, and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about any of the horses in it? He’s a quarter horse, but he’s kind of a weird one. Very forward, often mistaken for a small warmblood or TB (he is 16hh and has a leaner body), but has very little TB in him (from what I can tell). I’m just curious if anyone knows anything about his lines; I am sort of an accidental quarter horse owner and my dude is very different from other quarter horses I’ve met, and I’ve always wondered where it came from. Thanks!

also if anyone is curious what he looks like (also I think he is the cutest and never miss an opportunity to show a picture of him):

We love pictures, he looks like a very nice horse with a wonderful personality.

Looks like he came from those breeders that wanted to preserve the old ranch lines, one of those Foundation registries, that some were absorbed into the AQHA a few years ago.

Way back there, those were influenced by the government remount stallions, most were TB’s and crosses with some draft in them, that is what many ranch mares were.
That is what the horses we bred were, before the AQHA was formed in 1940.
Even then, there were different types of those kinds of horses.

Those were good all around horses, not the lines developed in the past decades that are best at their special discipline.

Quarter horses are known as the versatility breed, because they come in all sizes and shapes and colors and also abilities.

Glad you have one that fits so well what you want in a horse.

Aww, he does look like he has a wonderful personality! I don’t know much about his lineage but I board at a QH barn and they definitely do come in ALL shapes & sizes!

Sir Danny Pine, son of Sir Quincy Dan, stood in this area for a number of years and produced all-round foundation style QHs of decent temperaments.

Thank you for all the responses! Very interesting, and I really appreciate the insight. I’ve always done hunter jumper stuff, and even though I’ve had him for something like 11 years, I’ve never really looked into his background. It sounds like his lineage is very working ranch horse-y, and like he might be a foundation quarter horse? He is very, very bold to fences and on trails (he will do pretty much anything), and it would make a lot of sense if he comes from horses who would have been bold and exposed to new stuff all the time. Thanks again!

FQHR is the initials used by Froelich Ranch in ND. Longtime breeders of ranch horses.

Ranch horses are good using horses. They have to be well-built, balanced animals. They have to have sensible, willing minds. They have to be sound and versatile to do whatever needs doing. They may not have real recognizable bloodlines (I only recognize Sir Quincy Dan, a top sire) but your horse comes from good rugged stock.

Your horse is very cute!

he is adorable! looks like you got a good one.:slight_smile:

I LOVE looking at pedigrees and following them back into the Dark Ages. I had a sweet gelding with Skipper W in his pedigree – no surprise because he stood in Alamosa, not far from the ranch my cousin had. “Scootin’ Bill” was not Henry’s best cowhorse (he missed the “cow” gene somehow), so I started jumping him. Pretty good show hunter, especially over natural outside courses.

My other show hunter/jumper from my old days was a granddaughter of Joe Reed II. Quarter Horses are awesome and Bluey is right; the foundation-breds could do anything.

I always say that I’m going to ask some pedigree whiz what they can tell me about my mare’s family tree, but then I think about the awful rednecks that she was rescued from and I’m 99% sure it’ll be full of $20 studs.