Pedigree opinions on ottb?

Just for fun :slight_smile:

From what I can tell she seems to have pretty good breeding (for racing) , but I’m no expert.
Wondering how her breeding is in a sport application? Or any clues on type and temperament.
She definitely took after the Rahy type …. Short and chunky little thing. Can’t outrun a snail though haha .
She seems well bred for racing but I’m not into breeding for racing … or breeding at all.

Even though Hail to Reason was supposedly known to be difficult, I think his line throws a lot of heart.

I had a grandson of Roberto who was a handful (but not mean). A more honest horse never existed. He would try his heart out if he trusted you. Plus, he had great conformation, good bone, and his only lameness was due to lymphangitis. Long-lived and feisty until the end.

I would think those qualities would translate to any discipline. I did dressage. He had the best, powerful haunches. Great for dressage and jumping.

We had a grandson of Seattle Slew. He was a very nice, easy going horse who went trail riding the first week home.

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Deputy Minister is the big plus here IMO… the closer up the better of course. One of my favourate broodmares was by War Deputy, a son of Deputy Minister. My most recent jumper is out of this mare (now retired). Roberto- disposition issues, I had one with Roberto close up, and she was definately an example of this, though she had some excuses with her upbringing. Halo- also disposition issues, this stallion either killed or badly injured a groom (?) at one point, with his teeth. And we had a son standing locally WHO DID THE SAME THING. Spooky. But the offspring from this local stallion weren’t known for being mean/bad. So who knows? Rough N Tumble was up quite close in a gelding I purchased off the track years ago now- he was a nice jumper for me in the 4’6" amis, and I sold him to a friend who did well with him at Spruce Meadows in the Derby field. He was out of a mare called “Tussle”, who was a daughter of Rough N Tumble (if I remember correctly). Ya have to like Northern Dancer for “heart”, and “courage”. And he sired some jump producing lines too.

She’s definitely got a temperament on her from what I hear …. At the track and after the track too. Not a friendly one at all.

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Pretty sure both Silver Deputy and Rahy had sketchy temperaments, too. Usually not something worth mentioning because temperament has so much nature v. nurture going on. I would never discount a horse completely because of temperamental horses in the pedigree. But it’s interesting/not unexpected that you say the horse is not the friendliest given the lineage.

Badge of Silver was a tough horse when he was running. He sired some ok horses before being sold to South America.

If I had more time, I’d do some more digging on your horse’s female family. A lot of expensive horses that kind of underproduced expectations here, but whose offspring did well overseas.

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Halo also threw a disproportionate number of horses who were wobblers.