Pedigree thoughts? Ultimate Eagle? OTTB

I’d love to hear some insights on this horse’s breeding, as I am still very much a student of TB lines. Thought the Eventing forum might be a good place to ask! Specifically interested in dispositions and athleticism that might be generally implied.

So, has anyone known of any get by Ultimate Eagle? I’ve been searching COTH for discussions on Bertrando and Mizzen Mast, grandfathers of this horse. 4 year-old un-raced (too slow), track trained mare who has bubbled up and that I am going to go see this weekend. She sounds like a dream, has been in retraining for a bit, and her pics aren’t half bad. I am super curious about her breeding. Every horse is an individual of course, but I’m trying to go into this with as much information as I can.
Not a super competitive rider but am looking for something prone to physical and mental soundness.

Here is a slightly bad confo pic of her stepping forward while the shot was taken, two candid photos and a bum pic.



Several years ago, I visited Juddmonte Farm and got to see/meet Mizzen Mast. He was beautiful (gray, big boned) and he seemed calm and sweet.

There are a lot of good horses in the mare’s pedigree. They were successful racehorses that I think have also produced good sport horses. Cozzene, Caro, Saint Ballado, Dayjur, Fappiano, Bertrando.


I thought there was an upper level eventer with Bertrando close up in recent memory but Google is pulling up nothing. Really, I’ve never heard anything bad about him for sport.

Mizzen Mast crops up with above average frequency in steeplechasers, which is always one of my go tos when gauging a stallion’s sportiness.


We had an Ultimate Eagle colt in our barn for a while. He’s a cute gray, just turned 3. He never trained or raced, but seemed even-tempered, a decent mover and a good brain. He’s still too young to really know how he’ll turn out, but I liked him.

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I own a Mizzen Mast gelding who is the most athletically gifted animal I’ve ever sat on, and I’ve sat on a lot of athletic horses. He is also incredibly intelligent which gets him into trouble sometimes. I adore Mizzen Mast for sport horses.

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I have no Ultimate Eagle experience, but can second or third that Mizzen Mast horses are very special. I’ve only sat on a couple but they were athletic and incredibly FUN to ride. He, along with Cozzene, is a great line for steeplechasing and/or eventing.

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I had a super mare by Mizzen Mast. Would love to have another.

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Thank you everyone. She seems pretty cool, so I am looking forward to seeing her and hopefully riding her on Sunday. From what I’ve been told about her temperament and ability, she now falls in line with the positive reports from her family line. :slight_smile:


Quick update —

Well I bought the mare and am proper chuffed. I was not intending to go looking for a horse so soon after having to put down my arab mare a month ago very shortly after getting her, but this OTTB bubbled up by happenstance and I felt compelled to go see her.

I could write a novel about how impressed I was with this horse. Let’s say she rode like a dream for me (and it was only her 7th off track ride to boot), and everything I had been told about her temperament was quite on the nose. It was a new-to-her arena as well, and she is only 4 and already clicking about contact and bend. Stops/slows on seat alone and moves off the leg, has a lovely forward walk with no over urging. Her trot was smooth and I had to but think it for her to offer. I will wait until my own seat is more quiet in the canter until asking her for that, but with the trainer’s ride before she was willing, cadenced, and had a happy-relaxed expression through every gait.

A brilliant and mellow mare with huge feet and a kind heart. I’m looking forward to getting to know her (with my own trainer’s help and guidance of course). PPE was unremarkable :slight_smile:


She’s lovely! Have fun with her! :heart:


In Reality in a sport horse pedigree is always good.


Congrats! She’s absolutely beautiful. You deserve a horse like her after everything you went through with Rani. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rani pulled some strings up there to send this mare to you :heart:


I have some weird anxiety, that’s for sure. But so far she is an absolute unicorn. The vet who pulled her blood and gave her the exam did nothing but rave at her manners and demeanor. She is laid up at the clinic until coggins comes back. I will feel a bit better once she is in her own stall at the barn, but am trying to allow myself some optimism :slight_smile:


Congratulations! She is lovely looking, and finding a temperament such as you describe is wonderful.


I’m pleased there’s a Mizzen Mast son at stud to continue the line. I had a wonderful Cozzene mare. Love this line - so athletic and durable!

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I don’t know much about TB lines, but she’s really lovely! I’m looking forward to hearing updates on your new beautiful girl <3


Thank you! So far she is lovely, quiet, sweet and very smart. We long lined her for the first time in her life last week and she took to it quickly and calmly. She is a joy to work with and surprises people when they learn she’s a 4yo OTTB (granted, a huge failure of a racehorse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


She’s lovely! Congrats!


@ratchet, I just saw this! Congrats! She is beautiful and I can’t wait to follow her journey with you. Please keep us updated!