Pegasus Equestrian in Oregon

I got a Facebook ad for this…

(If they’re looking for investors they’ll need to fix their targeting algorithm. :joy: )

It sounds like another World Equestrian Center (Ocala) but in Oregon.

Anyone local have info?

I found an article that sounds like they are actually in the planning stages and more people showed up at a meeting to support it than to oppose. The water supply is a concern.

I’ll have to dig further but something in my brain says there is a big ‘event’ coming to Eugene in a few years which needs a horse venue of this magnitude.
I’ve heard talk, but I don’t normally pay much attention.


Oregon is looking to host the 2028 Olympics, Eugene already has Hayward Field. I think that’s what’s niggling in my brain.
Nevermind, further research shows it will be in Paris, and then Los Angeles.

But then there is this:

I became aware of it at their original site, which is near Willamina off Highway 22 - I did not think that was an ideal location for such a place (its about 15 minutes west of me, on a two lane highway that is heavily traveled as its the main route to the coast in this area). The current location sounds more suitable given its proximity to the interstate, at least.

IF they can actually get it off the ground, I think it’s one of those ‘if you build it, they will come’ ideas - IF it truly will be an accessible venue for the average competitor, also, not just the big timers.

Well the plans were certainly impressive. When I first looked at it a few months ago I noticed there weren’t designated camping spots and sent an email asking if that’s going to be included as so many horse show competitors camp out. They said they are adding them in so…

I don’t know if the “luxury condominiums” is going to make sense for that area but you never know. I’m thinking it’s going to be like Suncadia and the Washington State Horse Park but on a larger Horse Park scale and without the trees.

Absolutely agree. It would be nice to have a closer venue than Washington (and without the health cert for crossing state lines). I think folks south of there would appreciate a shorter drive to something big also. Knowing Oregon horse people like I do, I think having something for “everyone” would be very wise. It should not be limited to the upper echelon.

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I don’t know if the “luxury condominiums” is going to make sense for that area but you never know.

I’m looking to move to the East Coast specifically to find a condo/ small house that’s part of an equestrian community. I would ideally keep horses at home but travel too much for work so instead I want to have them somewhere very close by with good facilities and trails, pasture and live within minutes of where my horses are. If I could ride my bike to the barn in less than 10-15 minutes I’d be in heaven. Right now I have an hour drive, often in snow.

I think there are a LOT of people like me, especially now that so many of us can work from home. most of the time.

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