Peripheral nerve block

In December, While working with my 3 year old on the longe line, some wind kicked up pretty good and he got fresh as babies do. Long story short i came out of it with a pretty jacked up broken right pinky finger. At least I’m left handed.
Anyway, I went to Urgent care, who decided it was sprained and not broken and immobilized it. Making it short again, first dr sent me to pt for about 6 weeks and said surgery was not warranted since it’s “bad but not bad enough” My response was well it’s not your hand.
I went to another dr for a second opinion since my finger looks like a claw and gets sore and swollen etc and is not healing.
On April 4 I am having a peripheral nerve block put into my neck to block the nerve to my pinky finger. After that I am having “aggressive” physical therapy every day for at least a week to “release” the calcification that has developed along the underside due to the initial incorrect treatment .
For what i’m learning, I wont be able to shower while it’s in (unless I can get DH to spray me with the attachment). Since I"m in Fl, that means I also have to keep horse/barn activities to a minimum so i don’t get sweaty and disgusting.

Has anyone has one of these things before and how did it go for you?

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Some years ago I had shoulder surgery and that kind of nerve block.
It lasted two days and yes, your arm doesn’t know is there, you have to watch not to hit it on doors, or forget is there, but it sure helps not to have pain.
By the time the arm started waking up, I didn’t need any painkillers for the surgery to repair all that was wrong with the shoulder, a big plus.

Wishing you a good recovery.
A bum finger gets in the way all the time, you will be better when fixed right.

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Thanks. That makes me feel a little better, i think. They said I will have some sort of a pump and a line that goes with it, and the block will be in and working for at least 7 possibly 10 days depending on how PT goes. I sure hope this all works because this crimpled up finger is really a hindrance to just about everything.

Every day they find new ways to make things better.
They are good at it, so don’t worry too much, ask them questions if you have any concerns.
Let us know how it goes.

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I will . Thank you so much!!