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Personal experience with the Correct Connect Free Motion breastplate?

Has anyone here tried this breastplate personally? I’d love to hear what you think of it. My saddle doesn’t really slip, but I use a breastplate for XC as my trainer wants me to…just in case. My older one’s elastic is getting stretched out from sweating and use. Was considering this one as well as wondering about sizing. My horse is on the cusp of Cob and Horse size. She’s 1/2 draft, but only 15.3hh and using height as a gauge for sizing is a bit of a guessing game.

Thanks in advance!

I have quite liked it! In the same boat, saddle doesn’t really slip but good to use when doing the fun stuff just in case. My boy is a Dutch Warmblood X Quarter Horse, he has a big chest and shoulder and fits the full nicely with room to go up, I would certainly recommend going with the Cob, I think the full might be too big for her. They are quite adjustable not having the bit that attaches to the girth which is where I struggled with sizing with my boy. I don’t know how wide she is being 1/2 draft but would certainly go Cob for your mare and I would assume that would work! Best of luck!!

Awesome, and thank you so much for the fitting info!

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My guy broke a 5 point breastplate while schooling because his shoulders are so big and he’s quick with them when jumping. I got the Free Motion and it has been great for him. I like that it doesn’t dig into his withers or shoulders as he moves, but is there when he gets dramatic over a jump to keep the saddle in place.

He’s half draft, 16h and wears an 84 (sometimes 81) blanket. The full fits him well but I think it is adjusted out to the last or second to last hole. Correct Connect’s customer service is great if you have any questions.

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If you ever need a martingale, it can not attach to this. Just an FYI! It’s the only reason I haven’t gotten one - if I’m spending the big bucks, it needs to do all the things.


I have a 15.2 huge shouldered GRP and went with the full size and have been very very pleased with it.

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Thanks everyone. One shop carries the Horse size only, but it’s 15% off. Maybe I’ll try that first and if it’s too big, I can return it and order the Cob size from Correct Connect directly. I would not call my mare’s shoulders huge, but she isn’t petite and we’re right on the edge of Cob-Horse size …of course! :laughing:

Fortunately I do not need a martingale. And after the last local horseshow I was at where the rider came off, the bridle slipped over her horse’s head and he went tearing around in a blind panic with the bridle/reins still attached via running martingale “chasing” him, I will not use one. Thought I had seen everything…


I foxhunt a large shouldered draft cross and I use a breastplate and grab strap as well. Well this year I switched to pelham and double reins. In the interest of having less “stuff” would the placement of this breastplate be able to replace a grab strap? In the photos it almost looks higher than regular ones, and since it’s not anchored at the girth I thought it was worth asking.

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I use mine as a grab strap quite often and it works well!


I have a thing about curved, shaped leather when pressure is applied: is it as strong as a straight cut strap? However, I have no practical knowledge, just a feeling.