Personalized Apparel opinions?

So I recently purchased a horse after losing my gelding last year and I am over the moon! We are gearing up for an incredibly busy show season in the next few week and I need some advice. I belong to a very small barn and as a result we have no group/barn apparel and my trainer has no desire to change that. I feel its very important to look as polished and well turned out at shows even during leisure time outside of the ring, so I am wondering if it is appropriate to get a polo shirt or two with my mares show name embroidered on it. I think this would add a nice touch that a plain polo shirt does not, especially in this era of heavy brand promotion. Is this a silly idea? What are your thoughts?

I don’t see an issue-- if it makes you happy, go for it.

I think it’s a great idea.

I think polo shirts with your mare’s name would be a good idea.

Our barn always gets clothing orders and I have yet to bother ordering anything. I don’t like the options they offer and our barn colors are hideous. That said, all my show blankets have the barn name on them (my choice, not required), so that’s my concession haha.

I’m a bit superstitious about this–every time I’ve sprung for some item of apparel with the barn’s name on it the relationship has gone down in flames… It’s the equine equivalent of printing a million corporate brochures with a picture of the CEO on them and having him resign the next day.

So something monogramed with my horse’s name? Can’t bear to think of the possible consequences.


LOL, my mare has been showing for two years with my old geldings monogrammed sheet…I’ve just upgraded her to her own stuff, and am pleased that this time they have put the name in smaller letters along the neck line…still have the Barns colors and logo, so far so good.

I have 2 polos - one short-sleeved, one sleeveless - both embroidered with my farm name.
Both acquired loooooong after I had any relation or connection to a professional barn.

Just me here & my vanity shirts :smiley:

I even have my own colors - navy with burgundy trim & gold piping.

As long as you don’t go NASCAR-crazy I don’t see a problem.:cool:

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Sure OP, make yourself happy with personalized shirts. Who knows, you may start a trend in your barn!

Why not your own name or monogram? I see no problem with doing stuff for yourself, but I always think of the embroidery on a shirt as representing the person wearing it, so I’d do my name rather than my horse’s name, or my monogram.

Then again, my initials also spell out my horse’s name (SAM) so I can double up by just doing a monogram… :slight_smile: