Pesky toe problem?

Hello there! Not sure where this belonged, but I believe it’s here (First thread :smiley: )

I have a ridiculous problem with my toes. More specifically, my toes over the jumps. On the flat, my toes are fine, in just enough, right where the should be. But, like magic, they turn out, at a literal 90 degree angle, only over the jump.

I wish I could figure out how to add pictures, it would make explaining this so much easier. It goes from toes fine on approach. Then as soon as my horse starts to go up, they go out. My leg doesn’t really slip back either. It just looks like it does because my toes are out. And then I land and they’re fine. And my heel is down, like very down, so it’s not that either.

I’m so lost on how to fix this! If anyone has any tips at all, that would be greatly appreciated!

(Also-can’t jump on my own, so only can work on over fences in lessons, when I have a million other things on my mind!)

(Also pt. 2- When I 2-point while trotting or walking, my toes go out a smidge, but not nearly to the degree they do when actually over a fence)

If you canter without stirrups, or ride the canter in a half-seat, what do your toes do then?

They might stick out a BIT at the half seat, and nothing with no stirrups, but nothing compared to over fences

It sounds like you are gripping with your calves over fences, instead of a gentle pressure through your whole leg, knee included. Two point in proper form and doing grids while focusing on your position should help. The grids do not have to be hard at all, just so that it builds muscle memory as to how your leg should be over fences.

I have the same issue, so Im posting to follow.