Pessoa Legacy?

I’m having a saddle fitting saga at the moment with my somewhat hard to fit horse. We’ve come down to two saddles my fitter thinks I should try, an Amerigo DJ, and a Pessoa legacy (both used) I’ve sat in the Amerigo before and it fits me great, have not sat it on the horse yet. I have no idea about the new pessoas. I don’t think I’ve actually even seen one in the wild. If anyone has sat in the new ones I would love to hear what it compares to, wear and tear etc.

Fitter does think the Pessoa might be better for my horse than the Amerigo so I am going to try it out.

I just bought the Pessoa Legacy Monoflap. It’s a great saddle, I’m really pleased with it. Happy to answer any questions.

I am surprised your fitter recommended that along with a DJ - my experience is the DJ has curvier panels. I couldn’t look at them for my horse with a flatter back.

We tried an older Pessoa and it seemed to work on him and we were hoping the legacy would work. While I thought it was comfy it did not fit my guy unfortunately. Thanks though!