Pet health insurance with dental coverage?

I am looking to get my kitten covered under an insurance policy. Most don’t cover dental cleanings (which I can understand because it is considered routine care), but if he were to develop dental disease later on, would a cleaning at that time be covered? Most policy’s clearly cover extractions. I’m just not certain if cleanings would be ever be covered, if he were to develop significant dental disease down the road.

I suppose if he does get dental disease and it progresses, we would probably just extract the problematic teeth, as I’m not sure I could afford to have his teeth frequently cleaned (and add in the the risks of anesthesia).

Fortunately, I haven’t dealt with too much dental disease in my cats. Isabel had dental disease that was pretty significant but she had cancer at the time so there was no point in treating it as long as she continued to eat. Tru also lost teeth towards the end but she was too old at that point to even consider putting under.

I’m looking at getting insurance though the ASPCA or maybe Embrace? As far as routine care is concerned does anyone know of a good plan? I did not realize how many companies offer pet health insurance so I’m a bit overwhelmed with the number of options there are.

I don’t know if you have a Banfield vet location near you but I have known a few people that pay monthly for their wellness packages and have been pretty happy with them.