Philip gifted ponies to grandddaughter

Prince Philip left granddaughter Lady Louise his most unique legacy | Royal Insider - YouTube


That’s terrific. She was born prematurely with problems including placental abruption and esotropia. This resulted in a shy and retiring child. It’s great to see her rise in confidence; maybe she will follow grandad in to the competition arena.

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What a wonderful legacy he left to Lady Louise. She seems like a young woman with a decent head on her shoulders.

Thank you (again) for the link.

I have a well developed diverse algorithm on my Youtube! Interesting suggestions pop up daily.
Keeps me amused. And I find things I didn’t know to search.

Thank you for sharing the link! Very nice to hear of the ponies being kept in use and the young driver being able to continue drIving them. Lady Louise sounds like an enthusiastic horse girl, so it will be fun to observe her driving progress over time.

What a wonderful story about the late Prince and one of his grandchildren.

My middle name is Louise, don’t I get one too?

The gloves and the sugar lumps :cry:

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Good idea, @cayuse! I have several relatives named Louise. So I think I should get one, too! Or maybe a pair…


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I think the Queen and her groom are riding the other two ponies out of the Four the Duke used to drive. Could be wrong since the Queen breeds Fells ponies, so her riding pony could be a different animal. So hard to ID them when they match that closely! Of course similarity is a sign of good breeding, prepotence by the sires, with all matching so well.

Having ANY of their ponies would be pretty cool!

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FELL ponies do come in colours other than black.

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