Phone apps for trail riding

Hi- I was wondering what people like in the way of phone apps (Android) for tracking route and mileage while trail riding. I did a search on this topic and couldn’t find any recent threads on this topic, sorry if I missed something! Thanks!

I use All Trails to find them and EquiLab to track. I’m an Apple user, but I believe both are available on Android and free.

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ridingwithgps is a good one, although it is designed for bikes. You can make a track and then send it to someone else.

I’ve tried a few and like Endomondo the best

I use EquiLab on my Android and like it, though the user-interface can be a little less than intuitive–especially around going back to look at previous rides. I do like that it is made for horse people though, and tracks things like speed (and equates it to gait) and transitions.

Edited to add that it has a “stable” feature that lets you connect with other riders and share info–and location. The location thing is a paid feature, but it would be useful in an emergency if you ride alone a lot.


I have an iPhone and have been using, and really like the aptly named’ “Horse Riding” app lol.

It shows your travel route via map, tracks your speed and your milage. It keeps a running total as well which is cool. I am not sure if it is available on Andriod, but figured I’d share either way.


I am not doing any conditioning routine, and use an app mostly to show mileage and track where I am in real time. I use RoadID for this; it’s designed for bikers or runners, but works well enough for what I’m doing.

Whatever app you use, demo it at home the first time. Open it and leave it open all day. Find out how long before your phone goes dead. GPS apps are a heavy drain on your battery. Keep in mind that you are draining the battery from your one connection to outside assistance.


I use Caynax. It has no social media connection so pick something else if that’s important to you. :lol:

Here’s something to put on your saddle to keep that phone going on all day rides:

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Sadly, I have to withdraw my recommendation. RoadID has apparently stopped updating their app, and it doesn’t work on newer versions of the Android OS. The app has always been free, as a marketing tool for the company’s main business of medical alert bracelets, and I guess they aren’t seeing enough ROI to keep updating it.

I was using Strava, which isn’t horse specific, but did a good job of mapping mileage and routes.

I just started using EquiLab and I like it so far. It doesn’t drain my battery (ancient iPhone 6) anywhere near as much as Strava did, and it provides a bit more information horse-important, like minutes W/T/C, avg speed, etc.

I agree it’s not necessarily super intuitive, but after using it a few times, it’s exactly what I needed. I noticed it’s not 100% accurate on the gait analysis, for instance, it says I did 13 minutes of cantering in my last ride with Hank, but we were actually trotting and not cantering - he is an ex-pacer, so he can trot fast. :winkgrin:

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I do want to mention an app that my trail rider friend uses- Walk for a Dog by Wooftrax. This app donates after every walk to a shelter- so my trail riding friend uses this on her trail rides with her horse as well!


Equilab is pretty great. My only complaint ismprwtry tiny: I can’t figure out a way to track a ride for 3 or 4 horses at once. Say I have two clients riding two of mine, plus I am riding my little rescue guy, plus I am ponying my three year old. I want all four horses to have the outing on their history. Since I haven’t figured out a way to be able to duplicate it for each, I just am careful to put the names of all the relevant horses into the note, along with the names of their riders.

My favorite details of the app are that it shows me speeds (I don’t care about whether we are cantering or trotting—I care about our mph); and I LOVE the notes and photos/video piece. Really nice to have verbal and visual reminders of each outing.

They seem to have fixed it. So maybe it’s OK again.

You can share horses, have your clients download the app and find your stable. Make sure the horses are public/shared to the stable, and your clients should be able to “ride share”.

Regarding ponying, I’m not sure if you can track two horses at once. I haven’t figured out a way to do it.

Equilab is great plus if you have a question, just send them an e-mail I usually get a reply within a day… Always lovely in their replies.

I use Map My Tracks, which can be set for riding, walking, biking, running, and maybe some other forms of getting around.

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Ok - slight tangent.

Anyone know of any good apps for discovering trails? I tried All Trails but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for – and it didn’t even know about the public trails I ride on in my town…

I’ve been looking at my rides on Google Maps, and I discovered there’s a visible trail that is about 1/4m down the road from where my current trail ends. I could access it easily by hacking on the side of the road. This visible trail seems to go through a mix of conservation and private land - so I don’t know what the status of it is, and don’t want to ride on it… Some kind of app where I could plug in coordinates and it would tell me what it is would be awesome.

I’ll be honest. I’m looking for a network of trails so I can ride to the ice cream stand that is about four miles down the road :lol:

So Endomondo is “retiring” 12-31-20. Anyone moved on yet?