Phone case while riding

I feel CERTAIN this has been discussed before, but I can’t find anything recently…how do you carry your phone while flatting? My TS breeches and my Dover breeches, my Galaxy S21 will fit in the front pocket, but my newer (lighter) Ovation Aqua-X breeches and Halter Ego breeches won’t fit my phone…

I don’t jump with my phone, but I’m frequently hacking by myself, and use my phone both for music and in case of emergency. I don’t really want to hang anything off my arm or thigh, trying to keep it as unobtrusive and classy as possible.

Any thoughts?

ETA: would be nice if it were reasonably accessible in case I need to get to the phone for some reason…

One more edit - I didn’t mean hacking out, I just meant serious flatwork session…some things that might work for going out for a hack don’t really work for high intensity flat stuff… :grin:

I splurged and bought one of those. It was expensive, but I use it every ride and I really don’t even notice it being there. There are cheaper options, but I got tired of my phone falling out of my front pocket.


A very inexpensive runners belt I bought on Amazon. Works great. No bouncing, phone is secure.

I got similar, a Small Personal Items (SPI) waist bag from Lee Valley. For just a phone, this kind of stretch bag with its own belt built in is best as it keeps the phone snug. I also have a variety of fanny pack variations to carry phone keys treats etc on longer rides.

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Cashel makes an ankle pouch that I use. I like having it strapped to my ankle because it’s out of the way and I don’t plan on answering phone calls or texts while I’m hacking anyway. It’s also got a pocket for treats, or your keys, or id, or whatever.

I got the small size, but there’s a larger medium-sized one as well:
Cashel ankle safe

This is great! Please be aware of where you stick your phone in case of a fall - will it kill your spleen? Hit your spine? Bruise your hip? I used to wear mine right below my knee with a runner’s band but just upgraded to an Apple watch with fall detection. I’m old. LOL

Otterbox Defender with a belt clip. I will say I’m really disappointed in the Defender case for the iPhone 12 Pro. It used to have a plastic cover for the screen so the phone was essentially fully covered and protected, but with the 12 Pro, they got rid of the plastic screen cover. I’m pretty peeved because it’s the same cost as older ones but with half of the protection?? But with the belt clip, the entire phone is covered.

Lifeproof makes a really protective case with a built in screen cover. I haven’t used it, but it’s on my radar. It’s more expensive, ~$100.

It’s not the prettiest, but it’s $11, stays on your belt, and the magnet closure makes it easy to grab your phone when you need it. A variety of iphone models have fit, though my largest one was an X.

I would rather have a bruise from it and have it on me than not have it when I need it.


I agree I would not want to land on a phone under the small of my back or hip. I try to keep mine around the front.

Thanks - that’s what I was trying to convey. :slight_smile:

I think that’s for biometrics? I could be wrong tho. Plus so many companies are making high quality glass-like screen protectors now that are so much better than that plastic one that Otterbox used to have. I have an LG Velvet and I got both Otterbox and the glass-like screen protector. I don’t think my Otterbox came with the plasticy screen cover either.

I keep mine in my thigh pocket or on my Pivo, but at work we are very mindful of where we keep things on our person and belts due to the likelihood of falls or fights, and yeah, your lower back/spine is not where you want anything hard.

I have the Butet case too and love it. I had one of the Black Knight wristlets/hip bags for years but the zipper was so fussy and it barely fit my phone. The Butet bag fits my phone easily, is super easy to open/close, looks great… I assume I’ll have it for ages so I’m happy I spent the $.

I use the Cashel Ankle Safe mentioned above, and am much happier with it than other options I’ve tried. Stays in place, doesn’t flop around, is unobtrusive, feel that the phone is in a relatively safe location that reduces the chance of injury if I should fall and land on it, etc.

The Ankle Safe doesn’t allow super-quick access to the phone, but since I wear my phone while riding for possible emergency use, not to answer social calls, or respond to texts, I’m fine with that.

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I bought the Dada Sport phone bag. It’s very slim, only holding my phone, some credit cards, and a few treats. But it works, because I hate bulk.

I have a Griffin Survivor case- which I vastly prefer to the Otterbox Defender and LifeProof cases- and it comes with a belt clip.

Before I used the belt clip regularly, on two separate occasions, the phone fell out of my jacket pocket and I cantered over it. I heard my horse step on it. The phone was fine.

I now use the belt clip. I do not have my phone falling off my belt and I do not have my horse stepping on it.

When i am wearing half chaps, i tuck my phone into the top of the half chap (on the outside of my leg). I also have the Muck brand barn boots that are fabricy at the top and will tuck my phone into that. But when i wear field boots, i have a Black Knight wristlet/wallet, that attaches onto my belt.

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The Black Knight Rider Wristlet. Snaps onto your belt, and looks good, too!

It’s not fancy but I have a great belt style phone holder from TJ Maxx. I found it in the athletics department with stuff like wrist weights and leg bands and foam rollers. It has a clear front and it touch enabled and holds my huge phone with no trouble. I have one for the gym and one for the barn. They cost about $10.

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