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Pigmented gums?

My new horse, a five year old QH, has brown/black gums towards the back of his mouth, towards his canines.

I have never seen that before. My instincts are that nothing is wrong and it is just pigmentation of his skin, but since I have never seen it, I thought I might ask.

He certainly isn’t displaying anything that would make be suspect, other than chewing wood as he is teething.

Anyone else?

Yes it can be normal, particularly in bay. If you can get the mouth open snd duck a bit you may see it on the roof of the mouth

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He is a dark buckskin. Thanks for the reassurance! It looks odd since it is visible if you just do a cursory look at his mouth. I’ll try to see if he is patient enough for me to look at the roof of his mouth tomorrow!

I posted the same a few years ago and got minimal responses. I chalk it up to similar to dogs; some just have pigmentation in their mouths. Mine was further forward, on the sides of his incisors and a little on the very front. He was a dark seal brown with no white.

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My grey horse ( who knows his base color) has a pigmented roof of his mouth. Vet noted it during his PPE 7 years ago. Said it was just something to know and nothing to be concerned with.

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