Pinto horse is only shedding his white spots, is this normal?

My TWH, a black and white pinto, is shedding only his white spots. I was wondering if any one else had experienced this with their pinto or paint horses. It has been very hot this summer so it could be the heat I guess. Other than that he seems very healthy and happy.

He’s probably gearing up to get his winter coat. IME the white parts do seem to shed first (and definitely are more noticeable).

I’ve had horses who’s dark hair would stand up in the heat while their white hair would lay down slick giving the impression that their spots were raised. I’m not saying this is the case with your horse, but there always seems to be a lot more white hair shedding because the stuff just gets onto everything.

I have a sorrel sabino/overo Paint and he definitely sheds and grows the white hair first. Now is the time when the winter coat begins to come in because the days are getting shorter.

I had a bay and white paint and his white shed more than his dark. The texture of the white hair was different too, it was a little more fluffy.

Normal :slight_smile: His dark spots will start shedding soon!

I had a roan mare who would shed out … I think it was dark, then light. It was a long time ago, but I remember being so SHOCKED at the color change that first year! She looked like a totally different horse only 30 days apart in shedding season.

I have a blk/white paint mare and the 2 colors shed at different times. Usually the white will shed first and then when the white is almost done the blk will shed. Grows in at a different rate too.

My pinto always sheds out his white first. Maybe a month later his chestnut hairs follow. It’s really odd, but I now consider it normal.

Same with our old sorrel paint, he looked like a relief map at times, different colors a different hair type and length, except in the middle of the summer, he then was shiny slick all over.

First picture, summer he was 28 years old, slick all over.
Second one, winter he was 30, white hair noticeably longer than sorrel color:



I boarded with a woman who grew up showing Paints, and she said they all had more white hair, more shedding, etc. Definitely true of my boy. Who knew?

White/grey hair is more fragile than colored hair so shedding is more noticeable with white fur.

My overo paint definitely sheds her white hair first, and in winter her white patches are longer or fluffier than her coloured hair. It’s interesting to think that the white hair might actually be more dense. There does seem to be more of it when she sheds, though it’s also more visible on your clothes!

I had an Appaloosa when I was a kid, and his white areas always shed faster than his brown areas. His spots would be thick and fuzzy, and the white blanket area around the spots would be slick and shed out.

I"ve got a pinto mare who always sheds the white first too! It gets so much thinner that it lays noticeably flatter than the brown which will still be fuzzy, then the brown will begin to shed. She is starting to lose white hair right now, in an early prep for her winter coat.

In my experience the white is stickier. It sticks to saddle pads, blankets etc whereas the black just seems to fall off.

I have a white/bay pinto. Yes, the white always sheds first, in late summer and in the spring.
There is a definite sequence: white first, bay second, black last (his black points.)
I also think the white hair is more noticeable. During shedding seasons my world is covered with white hair. Bay and black not so much. (So impressive at work–someone asked me if I have a white cat…)