Pinto Warmblood Stallion Recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations on a Pinto warmblood stallion for my Hanoverian mare. She can be a little hot and sensitive so a good quiet mind is my first priority. Thanks!!

Do you need hunter movement?

No expert on breeding myself, but your post made me smile because I have had the pleasure of working with several Samber kids in the past. Really sweet dispositions, several types of gorgeous pinto coloring, athletic jumpers. Not the hack winners, though!

Samber is gone, of course - I assume his sons and grandsons would be active now.

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Sempatico, Pallido Blu, and Palladio all come to mind immediately. I have never worked with any PB or Palladio offspring, but I have ridden several Sempaticos as a breeder local to me has sold several youngstock by him. They seem to all be good amateur mounts.

Depending on your performance and registry goals, you might get better/more meaningful answers.

I have met a couple of Palladio offspring who seemed to be quite laid back and easy - but I knew them in their early years before they were seriously started. However, I believe that Palladio does have a good reputation for throwing a nice temperament as well as color. Web site appears to be outdated but you can search on Facebook.

Palladio has always been interesting. He seems like an overgrown puppy dog.

Please explore Friesians of Color.

These horses are really special, in-your-pocket types. Rock solid temperaments.

My 19yo Dutch bred gelding is out of a Samber daughter. He has been a perfect gentleman in the 17 years I have had him-a kinder, sweeter soul you could not imagine. He is by Alla’Czar.

Pallido Blu is producing some seriously nice foals, and you’re guaranteed color. Palladio is also very very nice with very ammy-friendly kids with talent, if you’re willing to accept not getting spots. He/they are a lot more likely to give you a Hunter, depending on the mare, than Samber or Sempatico, but Sempatico is certainly an option.

Precipitation is by Palladio out of a Rainbow mare. Wait - he might be full sibling to Pallido Blu. I don’t know much about what he’s been producing though.

I’m not sure of Claim to Fame is still standing but I think so.

Arts Aero is Art Deco, and whose dam goes to Turn To, Bold Ruler, and Hoist the Flag.

I think Sinclair B is still breeding.

Is Tricolore still around? Tricolour?

Sandstorm (I don’t recall breeding)

It would help to know more about your mare, and your goal for the foal, especially if you’re wanting the option of breeding the foal if it’s a filly. If breeding is a potential, then say away from anything Friesian. I’d stay clear of anything Friesian if you want to do Eventing or Hunters as well.

Hunters will be a pretty different set of stallions from Dressage, for example, but “just to have fun with and do lots of things at lower levels” opens up the options a lot.


Local to me (St Louis) is pinto Oldenburg (I believe) named Rijn Beau. I have ridden quite a few of his offspring and all have been fabulous. One was sold last year to a middle aged re rider to be her show horse - she fell in love with his brain at 4/5 years old. That gelding was shown lightly in dressage and some hunters I believe. I also rode an older gelding by Beau that showed in dressage to second level and then went to the hunter ring to do the 3’6 amateur classes. The other baby (4 at that time) of his that I rode was a mare and was basically born broke and born to jump. The mare and older gelding were both very tall at probably 17 hands. The younger gelding was average height maybe around 16 hands. All are very quiet.

Utah and sons.

Anything that can do Hunters can play around in Jumpers, especially if you get a solid Hunter background first. So if you like Hunters best, aim towards that primarily.

If the foal was huntery I’d also enjoy trying the Pinto hunters. I’ve never done that before but a friend of mine has really enjoyed doing the QH hunters as something different, and it seems more accessible than the strict h/j stuff.

Are there options for half QH/Paints in that area? I didn’t think so but maybe?

Obviously something athletic and with some scope is great, but the mare has more scope than I’ve used so that’s a strength she brings to the table. She has a huge stride, is a really pretty mover and is a pretty mare in general.

Then pretty much anything listed so far, except the Barocks, would do well for you, not taking away any jumping form to any great degree.

I’m at this point leaning towards Arts Aeros. I think he’d compliment her well, I like the looks of his offspring, and it seems the Samber line is known for their temperaments. He and his offspring seem very versatile.

I’m not a huge Sempatico fan - I don’t tend to like their front ends or their shoulder personally.

I definitely wouldn’t use Tico for jumping ability, it’s iffy, though some are quite nice

Pallido Blu is actually local to me. I’m torn about him because I like Arts Aeros quite a bit more in terms of jumping style and movement, but I’ve heard that Pallido Blue has put some really nice babies on the ground. With Arts Aeros the breeder said I’d have about a 50% chance to get color but Pallido Blue would be 100%. I would be okay with a non-colored foal but I would like color.

The way I look at it is, with your mare’s jumping form, you aren’t going to go wrong with Pallido Blu AND, since I suspect you may only breed this once, or maybe twice, if you want spots, go for spots :slight_smile: Lido was too young for me to breed to when I was looking, but he would be my #1 pick for my TB mare if I was breeding right now. I sacrificed color for near-guaranteed temperament from the options I was looking at, and while I love my kid, part of me regrets not waiting a year or 2 to find guaranteed color as well.

I have a Sempatico that I just adore, but he is not a jumper. However, he is the most trainable, try-hard, highest work ethic horse I’ve ever had.

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From what I understand the AQHA shows, the horse must be full QH. The paint shows allow some specific stock breeds within the bloodlines outside of strictly paints, I believe including QH. The paints had loosened their registry restrictions for a while but have since tightened them up, and IIUC, my warmblood mare’s foal would never qualify as a paint no matter what the stud is.

However the Pintos are color based more than breed based and have an extensive list of acceptable warmbloods for their hunter category.

I initially had thought I’d get color from a stock-based stallion and thought that brain could good be a good compliment as my husband’s stock horses are SOOO easy, but I got some advice that sometimes that much breed crossover can result in a foal that can have the “spare parts” look. I hadn’t thought of a Pinto Warmblood as an option until then!

The mare is a maiden, so whether I would breed again depends about how this one goes. That’s good advice to consider how much I want color when choosing between Pallido Blu and Arts Aeros. It’s certainly a tough decision.

I’m inexperienced in this area; we will breed AI regardless, so how much of a consideration should I give to the fact that Pallido Blu is local (literally like 30 minutes away) while Arts Aeros is in Canada?

Ahhhh, I didn’t make the connection to PINTO, as opposed to Paint. Thanks for that clarification!

There are some pretty nice APHA (Paint) stallions with a lot of TB in them who might be suitable, but then that still does bring up the issue of foal registration, and breeding options down the road if it’s a really nice filly. And, it could make a big difference in resale value if something happened and you needed to sell. If it’s a mature horse doing something already, then selling as a performance horse is what it is. But if it’s a young horse not doing anything “real”, let alone not even started (much), then you’re relying on pedigree a lot more. So WB x WB would carry a lot more weight for, say, a yearling filly, than APHA x WB.

Since you are doing AI, location doesn’t matter, only that the semen is available in North America. I’m in NC and bred to a stallion residing in OR at the time. He resides in CN now and still breeds to mares in the US.

Many people in the US breed to stallions in CN, it just takes a bit more planning and communication. That said, there’s a great deal to be said for a stallion being that close - you save on shipping fees, and you’re not spending money shipping a reusable container back. Plus, if the mare is being tricky you could technically have swimmers in a matter of hours, instead of having to wait at least 12 and likely more.

I would say the proximity of Pallido Blu is just telling you to use him :winkgrin:


I have seen Palladio in person and if Pallido Blu is close to you couldn’t go wrong. That jump is the same on every one of Palladio’s babies!

1 Like I have a mare by the sire of Gotham. Love her! Great disposition, wonderful mover.

Tricolore and Sandstorm are full brothers (Voltaire x Mariska, Samber) - and just happen to be full brother’s to my foundation mare Adelma (Darco)'s dam Unity Elite (Voltaire x Mariska, Samber). I understand both are gelded now.

frozen of Utah van Erpekom is available at Superior Equine Sires. There might also be frozen of Chess M and Spektrum (aka Spectrum) in the NA market.

I’m hoping Indian vd Moortelshoeve (Emerald) uterine brother of my Faria vd Moortelshoeve (Querlybet Hero x Wodina, Nabab de Reve) will be offered as he was imported to Florida. If I find out more, I will post update here.

This is a Barock Pinto stallion, owned by a friend of mine.

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