Piper Fusion breeches?

Has anyone tried these yet? They’re supposed to be like a schooling tight but with belt loops and a faux fly. The reviews are pretty good but I’m always curious to poll COTH before I buy something. Thanks in advance!

I haven’t tried them but I’m curious too. I LOVE the Piper tights, enjoy the winter ones even though they fit kind of weirdly around my hips and don’t really care for their breeches.

Maybe I will make the trek down to the SmartPak store during the long weekend and report back…

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I haven’t tried them yet either, and I’m a big fan of the regular piper and Hadley ones (also dovers Wellesley breeches). I’d like to see more reviews on the fusions.

Also, I hope they make more colors. There’s been a strange lack of colors in piper breeches lately (which was at one point their main selling feature-- there were so many to choose from. What happened?..).

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Please do!! Let us know what you think! :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that, and it is quite disappointing! They only have two colors of the fusions right now I believe (Grey and olive green) which is just ridiculous to me.

I need to try the Wellesley breeches from Dover but haven’t pulled the plug yet!

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I tried them! The regular Pipers don’t fit me well (I’m a Hadley body type), but I was hopeful these were more stretchy and thus could work. I was expecting a soft yoga-like pant, which they definitely are not. It was actually an odd, soft shell-like material and didn’t fit me well at all. But if Pipers fit you well these probably will too.

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Ugh, that’s what I was afraid of! I don’t like the Pipers (am more of a Hadley girl myself). And would prefer the yoga pant vibe…that’s why I love my Kerrits tights so much! I will probably pass on these, then. :frowning: Thanks for your review!

I have several pair of the Dover Wellesley breeches and like them, especially for the price. Definitely mid-rise and the fabric is forgiving, quite stretchy, and not too heavy for warmer weather.

The only Pipers I wear— that fit me properly— are the so-called “high rise” which to me fit like a regular mid-rise. Only problem is that the fabric is fairly heavy and stretches out by the end of the day. But for the price I can live with that.

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I have two pairs of the knee patch, both colors. I like them but don’t love them. Likes: They fit me well (normal pipers do not, they gap a ton in the waist on me. I got the fushions in medium, I’m a 28 in Tailored Sportsman and Hadleys and a 30 in Ariat.) The material doesn’t pill and seems to repell stains and water. They’re comfortable for breeches, but not comfortable like tights. Dislikes: The mesh pockets ripped and ran pretty quickly on mine. The inner waist band is lined with silicone and can be hard to pull on and off. Don’t wear them on a hot, humid day and try to pull them back on in a Porta potty, it will be a struggle. The material is pretty slippery - I’m weird and don’t like grippy breeches so I don’t mind this, but wanted to call it out.

If Fusions were modified to remove the grippy waist and swap the mesh pocket to the same material as the rest of them they’d be my favorite breeches. I consider them breeches, not tights, I’ve worn both pairs to hunter paces with a belt and would clinic in them.