Plain D snaffle is not what it used to be

Where do you find the plain D snaffle with a fatter mouth piece? I borrowed a bit from my friend and my horse loves it. But I can’t find the same one for sale anywhere. She has had the bit forever and doesn’t know where she got it. Do they just not make them like that anymore?
I’m hoping the group of minds here can help me find one.

Have you measured it? Something like this, or thicker? Is it hollow or heavy?

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Can you show us an example of what you have seen that to you is not what you are looking for? That will help us to understand what you want that is making this big hard for you to find.

A D-ring snaffle should be a pretty easy find, that is why I am confused.

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If you’re looking for it in a 3 piece, I agree that it’s very hard to find.

If the snaffle is old, it most generally would not be a three piece.

Some modern western snaffles are thick and heavy, the heaviness coming from the whole bit, including sides, being heavier:

That’s very close. I think the D rings on the one I’m borrowing are bigger but that could work.

Yes, a plain D is easy to find. My problem is that all I have found have a thin mouthpiece. I am looking for a fatter/thicker single jointed mouth piece.

I have always seen a ton of plain D ring snaffles at any used tack sales. Do you have any second hand tack places near you? Calling them to see what they have might work out.

Are you looking for a hollow-type with a fatter mouth piece? Like this: