Plasma Donation and Riding?

[INDENT]Hi! I am a college student who is working on a Veterinary Technology degree, and there is a plasma donation center here in town that was set up just this year. During the school year I ride about 2-3 times a week (depending on homework load) for a dressage trainer in the town over. I normally ride 1-3 horses per trip that vary from schoolmasters to babies with only a handful of rides on them. I might want to also mention that since I have been a hunter/jumper up until moving to a new town for college, I will jump some of her horses occasionally for marketability.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]I understand from research that donating plasma, if you are doing everything that you should be and if your body can take it, is a pretty simple procedure with minimal side effects for a person who does moderate exercising. But for those who are more of an “athlete” it can be detrimental to their performance. I just can’t decide where that line is between those two fitness levels. I’m definitely not ready for the Olympics, but I also don’t just go out on leisurely walks.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]What I want to know is if there is anyone out there who has experienced donating plasma, and if so, did you nothing any affects on your riding?[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Thank you for reading that long post… I hope to hear so feedback on this topic![/INDENT]:encouragement:

I don’t know about plasma, but I donated a pint of blood yesterday and rode today.
I am by no means an elite athlete! I don’t notice much besides some shortness of breath if I do some strenuous hill-climbing the next day or two. I think you’d be fine so long as you gave yourself a day and drank lots of fluids. I’m older, fifty-four, for what it’s worth, and keep in shape by walking and biking everywhere, as well as riding.

I never noticed any side effects at all the days, about three or four times a year, our school asked everyone to come to their blood drives.

They also called me from the blood bank here and there because of certain “blood factors” that were rare and my blood had them, when they were short of those.

They always gave us a little bottle of orange juice and a couple of cookies and sent us on our way.

Go try and see what you think?

I never did plasmapharesis, but i had a friend in college who did it regularly; did not seem to bother her at all. She was some kind of jock…volleyball team, i think. I would probably try and plan to take the next day off from riding if possible, but otherwise you may have to just try it a few times and see how you feel.

I donate regularly and I try to put a day or two between anything strenuous and donating. When donating plasma you are losing protein, so I would suggest eating a little before and after and resting right after until you get use to donating. It’s not too hard to get a schedule going so that you can do both. When I donate I usually do Monday or Tuesday followed up by either Thursday or Friday sometimes Saturday depending on my first donation of the week. You can only donate twice in a 7 day period.

You don’t sound like you fall into the elite athlete category if you’re riding 2-3x a week. But it’s always a good idea to ask your doc before donation.

For myself, the biggest issue would be bleeding (bruising) around the vein puncture site if I used the arm too strenuously too soon.

If you only ride 2-3 days a week, it shouldn’t be too hard to put some time between donating and riding.

Can you ride one morning, donate in the afternoon, then take 2 days off? Maybe even ride in the afternoon on the third day?

It would be worth talking to your doctor and asking for “recovery” tips, but I don’t believe you fall into the elite athlete category. Plus, how I read your warning, they’re not saying serious athletes won’t be able to do their sport, they may just be slower, have less stamina, etc. than they would otherwise. So maybe plan to give yourself more breaks your first day back.

I used to donate plasma and I don’t think it affected me much. I would’t do anything strenuous the same day but the next day I was fine. Maybe ask your doc and go from there.

The only effects I’ve had from donating plasma are the mild fatigue the day of donation and some arm soreness where the needle went in.

Just stay hydrated and eat plenty of protein!

Thank you to all of you for you input and experiences! :slight_smile: This is a first for me, and I’m still wondering how it’ll go!

I’ve never noticed any real effects from donating plasma and then riding, but I take it easy, more puttering around the arena than going for broke.

I will say my arm was a bit sore, but not anything unmanageable. The first few times you do donate it can take longer than you’d expect, but once you’ve donated three or more times they tend to speed up the process and it’ll go faster.

As mentioned eat something with protein, I like to eat a sandwich with some almonds or peanuts on the side right before I go in, you could also do a protein shake and drink lots of water.

Another thing to remember, go to the bathroom right before you start, once you’re on the table or in the chair you’re not going anywhere for a while and that is when nature will call if you don’t go first, LOL.